1/13/14 – Recap (Day+5)

Well as you can see from previous posts my WBCs dropped from 7.4 to 0.7 and I am feeling it! The process is really kicking in now! Big hugs came today from my in laws, Helene’s parents, Allan and Eileen and my brother in law Jeff. Got to watch some NFL football – went 2-0 to run my playoff record to 5-1-2 this season and pretty much slept the whole night.

Keep the messages coming! I am slowing down here on responses, blogging, etc over the next few days as my energy is low but I am excited that we are at the point we need to be!

Looking forward to coming home this week. Friday is the goal!


6 responses to “1/13/14 – Recap (Day+5)

  1. Hang in there Brad….your strength inspires all of us and puts what really matters into perspective!! Pushing this week for you and hoping it goes by really fast! Can’t wait to read the post that you are on your way home!! xoxox

  2. Good Luck, We are pulling for you. Hope this week goes by fast and you are home soon. May the force be with you.
    xoxoxo Harlows

  3. You’re a good man. Know that people that don’t even know you are praying for
    your well being. God bless you.

  4. You are amazing and incredible. You continue to impact so many people with your beautiful spirit. Just hang in there, we in Chicago are all pulling for you. We wrap our arms around you with love and HUGS. XXOO Joni and Jeffrey

  5. Cheering you on from Richmond Hill, GA (Savannah). I’m headed to Emory today for a routine 6 month check up. I haven’t had a SCT so I’m following you closely and am encouraged by your positive attitude!

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