1/13/14 – Quick Update – Blood Counts

Day +6

WBCs bottomed today! Now for engraftment and then home. WBC < .02, Hemoglobin strong at 12.2, RBC 3.64, Platelets down but steady at 77. ON TRACK FOR FRIDAY SAYS NURSE WAYSA. Can I overachieve? Let's push the bar to THURSDAY!

Just did two miles on the bike to celebrate and accelerate! MIND OVER MATTER.

"Ordinary men can achieve extraordinary things." — Jim Valvano

#bradstrong #bradgothiscellsback

6 responses to “1/13/14 – Quick Update – Blood Counts

  1. That’s so incredible that you went on the treadmill with your white blood count down to almost zero! You are amazingly strong, optimistic and and inspiration to all of us that love you! No doubt you will get out of the hospital soon and back to your full rich life on the outside! Love you!

  2. Brad you are amazing! You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the positive attitude and you’ll be out of there in no time. Sending our love from Chicago!

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