1/11/14 – Recap (Day +3)

Another uneventful day at HUMC. WBCs still above 5. Not feeling terrible – actually still energetic. Rode the bike a bit today and had too many visitors.

Big hugs came today from my co- workers and friends.

I know I am supposed to limit my visitors but these three guys are special. First on the left is my boss, Paul Barausky. PB and I have fought many battles over the last three plus years we’ve worked together and it just felt right having him here with me fighting this one as well.

In the middle – in the red shirt is my colleague and friend Sean Ryan. Someone who I have talked to every day through this ordeal. He probably knows this story better than anyone outside my family and has been a great friend and sounding board every darn day. He’s the guy I can call at 6 AM or at 9PM because I know he’s out there working just like me.

And then the bearded fella. David O’Mara. Even though he’s from San Francisco, has been to more of my Chemo sessions than anyone outside of Judge Kirsch who is my steady Saturday or my brother Craig. Of course – it wasn’t totally altruistic. He had a girlfriend (now fiancée) in New York. But regardless of being all the way across the country, David always checked in, always cared and was always interested.

I have said how fortunate I am to work with the people I do day in and day out and I mean it. The are the VERY BEST!

My friend (and personal dermatologist) Jeremy also came for a visit. Jeremy is so easy to talk with. He lost his father at a young age and is so intuitive about my needs or the needs of Helene and the kids. His friendship means the world to me and his support does as well. Unfortunately I don’t have a “big hug” picture of Jeremy because he was so enjoying the second recliner chair in the all day room I couldn’t get him up long enough for the picture. Just kiddin’ Jer!

Today is day +4. Keep the messages coming. It is so wonderful to hear your positive thoughts.

Thinking back on yesterday I am in such a good place professionally, personally and spiritually. Now if I can just get this freakin’ Cancer out of me!

Day +4 – BRING IT! #bradstrong

4 responses to “1/11/14 – Recap (Day +3)

  1. Dear Brad, This is really addressed to the guys in the photo and the one not in it – keep up the good work. We can be there only in spirit and writing so we rely on you to keep him moving forward. Thanks, Uncle H and Aunt R.

  2. Brad, so good to see you looing so well. Im glad you are keeping this blog so we can get an idea of some of what you are going through. The Kirsch’s cant wait to see you!

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