1/11/14 – All The Bigs Came Out For Shabbos

Thought Saturdays would be quiet at HUMC? Think again.

I came in to the all day room and it was as quiet as it has ever been. But that was the end of that.

The doc making rounds today was none other than the big guy – Dr. S – Chief of Multiple Myeloma at HUMC.

And if that wasn’t enough? Guess who stopped by on Shabbos to deliver big hugs?

Rabbi Sagal from Temple Emanuel! Imagine that! I can’t tell you how touched I am that he came for a visit. Talk about a mensch! Every day I am amazed by the community we live in. Gee Whiz … I hope my temple dues are paid!

The day just got better as Helene and the kids spent the afternoon with me in the waiting room eating lunch, playing games and doing (finishing) a puzzle.

Ready to head back to the apartment now. NFL tonight. Lurleen and I will be fighting over the clicker.

Check in later. #bradstrong

2 responses to “1/11/14 – All The Bigs Came Out For Shabbos

  1. I suppose I might not even be reconnected to you if it wansn’t for Andrea, but whatever the reason, I want you to know you are on my mind all the time. It seems from what I read on this website. what I hear from your step mom and Andrea, and what I see on Facebook, you are amazing, and have an incredible incredible wife and family. Not only that, but you have tremendous gratitude and appreciate what life has given you even in the face of some tremendous difficulty.

    I have really fond memories of you from Glencoe and send my prayers your way. Btw, my mom and dad are from Maplewood and South Orange, so I can even picture where you are as you go through this mess.

    Your friends seem amazing and it appears they are helping to care for you and your family as well. All of this love makes such a difference in your fight.

    Lots of love from Evanston, or Etown as we call it. You are obviously on our mishebeirach list at Beth Emet. We know people. 🙂


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