1/10/14 – There Are No Weekends When You Are Fighting Cancer

As I was leaving the all day room and heading back to the ambulette that would eventually take me to my apartment, I said to the great staff at HUMC – “See you tomorrow!” To which many of them answered “Not me!”

Of course! ITS A WEEKEND. Friday night. While most people – deservedly so (and none probably more deserving than this crew) will go out for happy hour, out to dinner with a spouse or significant other or just home to relax with families, those of us in the all day room for the next 9-10 days will not. WE WILL BE BACK TOMORROW. Regardless of what goes on in our lives, fighting cancer is the number one priority for now. THERE ARE NO WEEKENDS WHEN YOU ARE FIGHTING CANCER.

And so it hit me today – Victor has a basketball game tonight. Ava has a soccer game tomorrow. Victor has two basketball games Sunday. I will miss my Sunday spin class. Helene and I won’t be able to go to the gym together. It all hit me. I am here. I am in Hackensack. I am fighting for my life to be able to go to all the rest of the games, spin classes, gym times, dinners, milestones and celebrations. One weekend won’t make a difference because I will live long enough to see ALL THE REST.

So – CANCER – you think you can bring me down by taking away my weekend? I got news for you – there are plenty more left to enjoy!

So kids – WIN YOUR GAMES. Come visit me tomorrow. Lurleen and I will be just fine here in Hackensack tonight!


4 responses to “1/10/14 – There Are No Weekends When You Are Fighting Cancer

  1. You said it, one weekend won’t make much of a difference if you can be there for all the other ones. I totally understand how you feel, sometimes feels lonely, but remember those rocks, we are all with you! Xo

  2. Though every moment is precious, one weekend does not a lifetime make, my friend. Many, many more to come!! Can you have your juice? We make deliveries to Hackysack!

  3. what can you say but WOW- you’re going to kick cancers ass bro – stay strong
    better days are on the way – In our thoughts!

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