1/10/14 – Recap (Day +2)

Pretty uneventful day at the HUMC. My WBCs dropped from 7 to 5.4. Still waiting to get below one and the rise again. The Neupogen shot I get tomorrow should speed that process up.

Nurse Waysa getting a little uptight about my visitor situation. I warned her I have a VERY. BIG. IMMEDIATE. FAMILY!

Big Hugs (visits) came today from Helene, My Mom and Ike, Stu and Mom and Ike a second time. I am a little more tired than I have been. Maybe that means it’s starting to kick in. Maybe it means I am bored out of my mind. I finished the first season of Breaking Bad tonight. On to season 2 tomorrow. Tastes are starting to change but appetite is still solid – even though the case of Aquafina Helene left me in the apartment is beginning to taste like metal. I heard that would happen.

Otherwise my aide Lurleen did all my laundry today. That was a nice plus. FRESH SWEAT PANTS FOR THE WEEKEND!

Talked to some clients today and some friends. Rode two miles on the bicycle. Got a little business planning done. There’s enough to do but limited capacity to concentrate.

The one thing that SADDENS me is that the kids can’t come to the apartment this weekend. I get released from HUMC around 3 PM or so on Saturday and Sunday and would have liked to chill and watched NFL playoffs with Victor. Father/Son moment that will have to wait I guess.

Keep the cards, emails, tweets and Facebook posts coming. I miss you all but beating Cancer is the best thing I can do right now and I intend to do it full on.

Looking forward to more IMMEDIATE FAMILY coming tomorrow. Mave O’Dara, Ryan Sean and Baul Parausky. Also my private doctor Jeremy is coming as well.

I will post some fun pics tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone the recap. Everything GOING AS EXPECTED. GOING WELL. I AM BEATING THIS SHIT BACK LIKE WE KNEW I WOULD.

Til tomorrow … #bradstrong

3 responses to “1/10/14 – Recap (Day +2)

  1. Dear Brad, Here’s a BIG HUG coming from your HUGE IMMEDIATE FAMILY in Chicago. Wish we were there to give you a real or virtual hug through the window. Keep on keeping on. We think of you all the time and know you can do it.

    Love, Uncle H and Aunt R

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