1/9/14 – Recap (Day +1)

Pretty uneventful day on the transplant front. As I mentioned, the next few days will be filled with watchful waiting. My White Blood Counts were still quite good yesterday. They need to get lower and then rise before I can be discharged. That should start to happen by Monday.

Monday is a long time from now. It especially seems longer thinking of Helene and the kids at home. It was so great to see them yesterday but it also makes me miss them that much more. There’s always “face time” however!

I am 5 episodes in to Breaking Bad. I’ve started my business plan for work. I’ve been trying to push some business through the door as well. BUT I have to say the most difficult thing on my plate right now is also the most ENJOYABLE! I am overwhelmed by the cards, emails, texts, calls, tweets and Facebook posts wishing me well. I try to respond to each one but I am falling behind. I probably will continue to do so as I get weaker toward the WBCs coming down but PLEASE know that IN MY HEART I feel your love, your support and your COMPASSION!

I’ve tried to keep this off of Facebook for the most part. I didn’t think my kindergarten nap buddy ought to be burdened with my battle but since we posted the head shaving party the response has been quite overwhelming.

I have many more videos to upload to the blog and many more links to put up. Some I am having technical difficulties with so bear with me.

Thank you all for your love! I wrote some thank you notes last night and ended each one the same way:


On to day +2! #bradstrong

5 responses to “1/9/14 – Recap (Day +1)

  1. You are so amazing. I hope that this time passes quickly. The Harlows are thinking about you and pulling for you. Thanks for updating us…xoxoxoxo *BIG HUG from the Shore*

  2. Praying for you. Husband faces ASCT in Feb. This blog is so helpful. God bless you and your family!

  3. Brad you are never far from my thoughts. From personal experience HUMC is a great place. Keep fighting and looking towards your goals!

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