1/8/14 – Recap (Day 0)

Another winner yesterday as Helene, Ike and I celebrated my new birthday – my REBIRTHDAY – in style in the all day room at HUMC. After much hydration and much anti nausea medicine we got my stem cells back through transplant at about 4:00 PM.

The best part of the day (other than creating my new life of course) was that the transplant was not performed by Dr. D nor Dr. R but by Dr. V – the co-chief of the Multiple Myeloma Division at HUMC and a world renowned and respected myeloma expert. Not that I don’t have confidence in Drs. D and R – in fact I am highly confident in them – but Dr. V was someone I wanted to meet since I began my transplant journey. He worked with Dr. J in Arkansas and also went with him to St. Vincent’s. When Dr. J went to Mt. Sinai where I began seeing him Dr. V went to Hackensack with Dr. S.

Too many initials? I say YES. Let’s just say it was great meeting and kibitzing with one of the top Myeloma specialists in the world. Pretty darn cool – a SILVER LINING indeed.

Another SILVER LINING were my Twitter interactions yesterday. BIG SHOUT OUT TO @juliemeryl09 a courageous transplanted Twitter buddy who made it her personal mission to get trending #givebradhiscellsback. Julie had her transplant at HUMC as well and her outlook and confidence in this medical team here makes me feel I am in great hands.

Now? Now we wait. We wait for my blood counts to drop, specifically my white blood cells. A little fever would be nice. That’s called an engraftment fever and it means it’s working. This should all happen Sunday or Monday of next week. Until then, I wait, hydrate and celebrate!

They have an exercise bicycle right outside my all day room that’s calling my name this morning. I try to get nurse Waysa to snap a pic.

Other than that here are some great texts I got yesterday. File them under the department of “Things That Make Me Cry Part 3”

I’m having trouble posting them this morning so look for more great videos and pics throughout the day on Twitter or the blog.

Love to all – cells are in – LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


3 responses to “1/8/14 – Recap (Day 0)

  1. Go Brad!! Thanks for all the updates–we are all thinking of you and when you write and share your thoughts it helps us know you are ok! All of your “Randolph Peeps” love and care about you, Helene, Victor, and Ava!! xoxoxo

  2. I love the VIP treatment you are getting. Only the best for you! Your smiles and optomism make me so happy. I am pumping the hydration along with you babe! Keep it up ! Xo

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