1/7/14 – Recap (Day Minus 1)

So day minus 1 is in the books. What an amazing day!

Helene was there for most of it so any day spent with my wife is always amazing. I arrived at HUMC at 7:30. Everything really went according to plan. PICC line in my arm then up to transplant floor for lots of hydration. The good thing about hydration is that it includes popsicles!


The reason for popsicles (and ice chips) is to prevent sores in your mouth, esophagus, and stomach from the chemo.

At about 2:30 PM I received 30 minutes of high dose Melphalan. From there on in it was more hydration and Lasix. Remember Lasix from the harvest? The stuff that makes you go pee? Here are my numbers for the day:

I pretty much crushed my counterpart but I had Lasix so it’s kind of not fair. Like PEDs in baseball.

At about 6:30 I went over to the apartment with my aide Lurleen – a lovely lady devoid of personality – but competent at what we need her to be. I also got an assist from my mom and stepfather who spent time with me as well today. Here is a picture of my goofy mug in the ambulette on the way to the apartment:

I slept fairly well. I was up every couple of hours to pee (thanks Lasix) and actually spilled my urine jug all over the bathroom floor at about midnight. THAT WAS FUN! I was hooked into an IV for more hydration at the apartment – this is for the first night only – so it was a little difficult to maneuver. OH YEAH – and it was MIDNIGHT.

Today I am back at HUMC. I am feeling a little nauseous but I just got my breakfast so maybe that will help. Dr. D along with my good nurses Waysa and Meme will be giving me back my stem cells today. Today is day zero. Transplant day. It’s an easy procedure. Just like IV chemo only the bags hanging will be red. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY – Day ZERO!

It’s a cold, wonderful day to fight Cancer. When they said “life begins at 40” for me I think they meant life begins at 46!

5 responses to “1/7/14 – Recap (Day Minus 1)

  1. I follow your blog and occasionally leave you messages. My husband, Curt, had an autologous SCT almost exactly 3 years ago and is still in total remission from MM. If his case is any indication, you will do very well. Curt had a terrific attitude, made folks laugh, etc. The nurses and doctors all said that he did well because of this attitude. I was skeptical, so privately asked one of the nurses taking care of him (the best). She said it was definitely true. BTW, pretty soon, you probably won’t want to eat much if you’ re anything like Curt, who loves to eat. I used to go out at lunchtime to buy him skittles and wheat thins. That was all he had a taste for. Be well.

    Wendy Wallis

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!  This is a very good birthday, also happens to be Spencer’s and he’s cool like you.   Be Well!!! Nancy

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