1/6/14 – Things That Make Me Cry (Part 2)

What a wonderful community we live in! Yesterday the families of Westfield gave me a bunch of rocks. But these weren’t just any rocks. Well, see video for what I mean …



Dear Brad,

We have scoured the Earth, travelled to holy lands and sacred beaches, meditated in our gardens and favorite outdoor spaces, revisited the parks and soccer fields where we’ve shared memories with you, all seeking something that might be as strong as you. To no avail. We tried our best to find a rock as solid as your spirit and there simply isn’t one.

But we did find something. Our love for you.

So we offer these “stepping stones” to let you know that we are here for you every step of the way. Each one has been specially selected with you in mind. They were chosen for their healing properties or the footsteps you may have tread on them. They were chosen for the hours of sunlight they absorbed and the history they hold. Or maybe because something in them revealed a ruggedness or a spark that we’ve so often seen in you. They are from places you love and places we’d love to share with you. We have held them in our hands and whispered to them; infused them with our love and good intentions. Their healing powers are as varied as your family and friends.

So often you have been our rock; the love, the support and the laugh that we needed. Today, let us be yours. Together we are BRADSTRONGER.

How could I ever possibly thank all of you? One way is by sharing this beautiful gift and these beautiful words with everyone who reads this blog. To the Bermans, the Brillantes, the Bruders, the Cohens, the Dollings, the Feinbergs and the Friedmans. To the Golds, the Goldmans, the Hammers, the Hornsteins, the Jareckis and the Kaplans. To the Katzs, the LaContis, the Lenners, the Reismans, the Rocks, the Rollins, the Rosens, the Roths and the Rothfleisch families. And to the Rubels, the Shapiros, the Shermans, the Vergas, the Waldmans and the Weinbergs. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU. Your friendship and support is more than anyone could ever imagine.

6 responses to “1/6/14 – Things That Make Me Cry (Part 2)

  1. Your 2 videos were precious. They made me cry. To be surrounded by such love you must be a special man. Your great support system will help you come through in your bodies rebirth. Keep those rocks close as a reminder of how strong you are & the love that is out there for you.

  2. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing it with us! And good luck today and the coming weeks!

  3. Hoping the positive energy & love infused in those stones- is felt today- day 1- and all those that follow!
    We love you!!!

  4. Incredibly thoughtful and inspirational…
    Good luck, you are in our thoughts and prayers
    Jill & Jeff

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