12/8 – Resolve

Fighting Cancer doesn’t come without disappointment and this week was a tough one on that front. Some disappointing news as my Myeloma numbers continue to increase. On Monday I had my pre transplant tests at Hackensack and the Myeloma panel showed a slight increase in MSpike to .34 from .29. Also the Kappa Chain rose to 27.88 from 21.41. NP at Mt. Sinai said not to worry after speaking with Dr. J. He is at a conference in New Orleans.

On Saturday the monthly Myeloma panel from Mt. Sinai showed a further increase in MSpike to .39 and a further increase in Kappa Chain to 33.17. That is a one week marked increase. I have a call into Dr. J and will post an update when I hear from him.

I have treatment this week Wednesday and Thursday on a compressed schedule because of our Mexico vacation – if I am still going that is. Right now business as usual. If I can’t go I already told Helene that she will go with the kids anyway. I will be fine.

As I have throughout the past year I will find SILVER LININGS in every part of my journey. One is that I have the transplant coming up if I am still able with these increased numbers and I don’t see a reason why I would not be able to do this.

Also, the skeletal surveys taken at Hackensack show that although I still have multiple lesions in my bones they are smaller and healing.

In addition, the plasmacytoma in my hip is significantly decreased from last year.

My kidney function is good as Kappa Chain can indicate poor kidney function but my creatinine clearance is still well within normal range. If I were diagnosed with these numbers today I would be a stage 1 patient. My numbers are still significantly better than they were this time last year as well.

Lastly, I feel great. Friday night I ran two hours of basketball full court with Victor’s team in practice and just got back from spinning and lifting in the gym.

There are many other drugs we can go to if I have become refractory to these but I won’t know anything until I speak to the doctor. It could be much ado about nothing.

My RESOLVE remains strong but I need to still process this info internally and with my doctor. I need some Brad time today. I have basketball with Victor, much work to do and 3 teams vying for a win in the fantasy football playoffs. That’s my day – oh – and FIGHTING CANCER as well.

Could I have prevented this with a quicker move to transplant? I don’t know. Dr. J told me I wasn’t taking extra risk by putting it off. I needed to work. I needed to put my family, my company and my co-workers and clients in front of this as long as the risk wasn’t increased by doing so. I would make the same decision again. NO REGRETS. Besides, by the time Anthem Blue Cross made a decision I was out of remission anyway.

I am just keeping you informed as I promised I would and I will continue to post and update as more details become available. My RESOLVE is stronger than ever. This is far from OVER. I will BEAT THIS. This is simply a correction. Life doesn’t move in straight lines all the time. Especially against this opponent.

7 responses to “12/8 – Resolve

  1. Rock on, Brad. You got this. Every body hits a little slump with all the extra demands this time of year. You’re the only one getting your numbers checked, but I think we’d all see some fluctuations. Sending love…

  2. You have and always had the best attitude— and that is the most important thing when faced with any challenge. We think off of you all the time–miss u guys–enjoy your day of football!! xoxoxo

  3. Good luck with everything. As my myeloma doctor said, myeloma is a marathon, not a sprint and you have the strength, courage and attitude to go the distance and more. Best always. Terry, Haddonfield, NJ

  4. A bump in the road. My daughter was to have her transplant in June 2012 she couldn’t because the Velcade gave her an irregular heartbeat. They straightened that out & she had it in August. Speaking of the ASH conference in New Orleans I just read an article in the Atlantic City Press about gene therapy to alter a persons T cells. It is very hopeful sounding as a cure for blood cancers including Myeloma. Hospital of University of Pennsylvania is one of the main researchers. My daughter goes to Jefferson in Philly & right now is in remission but for those that are fighting blood cancers it is a hope.
    Hold on & keep plugging away all will workout.

  5. Keep fighting Brad and trust that we have you in our Thoughts, Hearts, and Prayers
    Better days are coming your way, believe it!

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