11/14 – Monthly Numbers – The Good, The Bad and the Meh…

Got my monthly Myeloma markers back from Dr. J.  Kind of a mixed bag of results.  We are really just plodding along here heading toward stem cell transplant 1/6/14.  As I said before – as long as things are moving in the right direction we take that as a positive.  Here are the results:

The Good – IGG protein is at 807mg/dl that is NORMAL and lower than last month.  This number has been normal since induction therapy.  Also M Spike in the urine is still at zero.  That makes me happy.

The Bad – Kappa Light Chain Protein continues to be high.  The number was 21.41mg/l which is higher than normal and higher than last month slightly.  Normal range is below 19.40 mg/l so it isn’t TOO high but I can’t seem to get that number lower since stem cell harvest in July.  Because this is slightly high the Kappa/Lambda ratio is also high at 2.305.  This ratio is supposed to be below 1.65 so I am out of whack there.  This, from what I understand, is a measurement of active disease.

The Meh… – M Spike in the blood is .29g/dl.  This is still too high (looking for no M Spike at all) but lower than last month’s .49 g/dl so better and moving in the right direction.  I had no M Spike before my stem cell harvest in July.

All in all a mixed bag of results.  Looking for big bucks, no whammies when we do this again next month.  I exchanged emails with Dr. J’s nurse practitioner this week and here was the conversation:

ME:  How are we doing?

HER:  Discussed with Dr. J.  All numbers are good.

ME:  Thank you.  Any comment on the Kappa Chains or the K/L Ratio?  Is there any meaning behind why it isn’t going down?

HER:  The boss says “It is nothing.”

ALL RIGHTY THEN!  As I have said before, if he isn’t worried, I am not worried.  I have too many other things going on!  Work, family, house renovation, work…KEEP GRINDING. It’s a weird Cancer this Myeloma.  I feel great.  I don’t feel sick and that is what I take to the bank every single day.  It’s another great day to fight Cancer.


2 responses to “11/14 – Monthly Numbers – The Good, The Bad and the Meh…

  1. Brad–you continue to amaze me with your kick ass attitude!! You are a great inspiration!! (as for Vandelay Industries…..)

  2. Your amazing spirit WILL get you through this. I love dr J’s nurses response. Keep fighting. We send love & hugs & lots of prayers. Joni & Jeff

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