10/26 – Cycle 10, Day 21 – Random Thoughts and a Message for Cancer

Today is the last day of CRD cycle 10. One more week of Revlimid pill through day 28 then I hit the bye week. I LOVE THE BYE WEEK! But first – some random thoughts on life – a life I wouldn’t trade for ANYTHING in the world!

1. Left chemo yesterday and had lunch with my friend Noah. If you looked up “mensch” in the dictionary Noah’s picture would headline the entry. I just thought it was great to sit face to face with him. We spend so much time texting each other back and forth that eye contact becomes an unappreciated form of conversation. Great lunch, great guy.

2. Victor had a baseball game last night in Edison. I gotta tell you – he is way better than I EVER was. I said to Helene last night that at home, school etc he can be a royal PITA – you know – a typical 11 year old boy struggling to demonstrate his independence as they all do. But when our kid steps on to a baseball field? He is the coolest FUCKING kid in the world. It’s where he belongs. Last night he tripled in the go ahead runs to straight away center and while playing second base made an unassisted double play on a line drive out. I can’t do the play justice but he caught a liner on the SS side of second base and then dove back to second to double the runner up. When the umps walked off the field, their conversation went like this:

HOME PLATE UMP: That was a good play
INFIELD UMP: Um, yeah… wow

He is one of the three biggest reasons (Helene and Ava) I fight so hard to live, to work, to provide, to smile, to laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. I want to be there on national letter of intent day when he commits to Princeton.


3. Having my BME (Best Month Ever) at work. Doesn’t come easy though. This morning at 8:30 AM I have an investor presentation in Long Branch for over 120 people. Saturday morning! Got to keep on keeping on through the end of the year and SCT on 1/6/14. Even as important, the company is really on a great, successful track. I am fortunate to be associated with the team I am. Greatness abounds in every area. It may not be the most lucrative place I have been (yet) but by far it is the most professional, most fun group – and that is saying a ton because I have been fortunate to work for some really GREAT, SUCCESSFUL companies in my career.

4. After that presentation I will try to stop by Victor’s double header in Old Bridge for awhile then off to Chemo in the city this afternoon. Good thing it’s DEX day. I need the energy.

5. Weighed in yesterday down 5 pounds. I am trying to lose 25 by mid December. I have gained 25 pounds from these steroids. I need/wish my suits to fit again. I guess my 3 spin class regimen worked last week. I think I gained 3 back last night eating though. Thanks DEX!

6. I LOVE Indian food after Chemo. Last night I ordered out some Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Vindaloo and brought it to the game. I CRAVE it after Chemo.

7. THIS OLD HOUSE UPDATE: New roof, completely tore down and rebuilt the front porch, replaced windows, ripped out landscaping, painted exterior, repainted dining room. NEXT: Hardwood floors downstairs refurbished, upstairs and 3rd floor recarpet, paint kitchen and upstairs hallways and master. Build a walk in closet in master. Hmmmm ….. Stem Cell Transplant on 1/6/14? Me thinks this is what a pregnant woman would call “nesting”

8. My #bradstrong on the NFL page is hideous right now. I can’t pick a game or a fantasy player to save my life. It’s a good thing my battle with Cancer doesn’t depend on my depth of football knowledge! Anyway – it’s a work in progress – continue to read it. It will get better.

9. #bradstrong Golf Agains Cancer 2014 will be held on Monday 6/23/14 at Shackamaxon again. Details to follow but SAVE THE DATE! It will be better than last year and I am taking any and all feedback on how to improve on last years great, successful outing.

10. I got the new iPhone 5s this week – you know the one that you can unlock with your fingerprint? Helene wants me to put her fingerprint in as well so when I die she can unlock the phone. That’s why I love my wife – always thinking ahead! In all seriousness, the fact that we can joke about the uncertain future gives me the confidence that whatever the uncertainty is … we will tackle it with an aggressive hopefulness grounded in reality but – BUT – we will never lose our sense of humor.


11. When I was first diagnosed we had dinner with our friends Joe and Miriam, Jon and Lauren and Brian and Hillary. We made a pact that once I got better we were all going to Cabo. It ain’t Cabo but that trip is happening in March to St. John thanks to Miriam, Joe, Lauren and Jon. Since then we have added another Cancer fighter from that group (you can read about my brave, beautiful friend Hillary in the Pink Links post) so it’s really a double celebration.

12. Joe is running the NYC marathon Sunday. That’s like 8 5ks! IN A ROW! Good luck, good friend.

13. I saw Dr. J at treatment yesterday. I was completely engrossed in an email and I looked up and he was standing at my door waving to me. I never saw him coming. As soon as I looked up again he was gone. The guy moves FAST! Like a superhero.

14. Last night Ava heard a song on the radio that reminded her of one of her camp friends/experiences and she cried. Good tears, happy tears – tears that came from memories she made at a terrific place called Silver Lake at Chipinaw. Isn’t that what being a parent is all about? To provide an opportunity (opportunities) for your kids that become special, indelible markers in their lives. To give them the chance to explore and make the most of everything life has to offer. How fortunate are we that we are able to provide some of those things. My beautiful, emotional daughter – wouldn’t want her any other way!


15. As Adam Schein (@AdamSchein) on Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio would say: “What a show! What a day! What a LIFE!” I’ve said it before, Even with Cancer I wouldn’t trade places with anyone else in the world!

16. A message for Cancer: I don’t know who is winning right now me or you – BUT – take some time and read the 15 bullet points above. I think you KNOW who is winning. AND ITS NOT YOU.

#bringitCancer. #bradstrong

One response to “10/26 – Cycle 10, Day 21 – Random Thoughts and a Message for Cancer

  1. Brad, I know you think you write this blog for you, but you write it for us! Your loyal followers, fans, and friends. You’re an amazing person to fight with such vigor and to see the world in such a positive way when you could have every right to be in a much different “place”. Keep going…it’s a great day to fight cancer!

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