10/18 – Pink Links

This weekend my wife, Helene, and her friends are continuing their annual tradition of walking to raise money for Breast Cancer. Their team, the Pink Links, has been participating in the walk for a few years running in cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC and this weekend New York City. It is absolutely amazing what you can accomplish when you combine friendship, love and a little extra inspiration this year. You can read their story – and the story of our great friend Hillary, who inspires us every day here:


This year the Pink Links have raised over $57,000! … and I haven’t even made my donation yet! If you wish to contribute, you may do so by clicking here:

Helene Coustan Pink Links

People always ask me how I can remain so positive and strong in the face of an incurable Cancer. How can I continue to work, be a husband, a dad, blog, raise money for research, etc. I always say – we all have shit to deal with. You would be amazed at how resilient we ALL are in the face of adversity. I am not the only one. I am inspired by Hillary, by my sister in law Carolyn, our cousin Eben, my father and countless others who have survived and thrived.

It’s the number one lesson in life – when you get knocked down, you get back up again. It doesn’t matter if it’s when you are learning to walk, riding a bike, failing a test, getting fired from a job or fighting Cancer. If you stop getting up – you die. It’s that simple. But if you get up – the possibilities are limitless.

Congratulations to these girls. Go Pink Links! We are cheering you on this weekend.


Helene and her sister Carolyn, a breast cancer survivor and an inspiration!


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