10/13 – Improvement – But Is It Enough?

Got my Myeloma Markers back yesterday when I was at Chemo.  They show an unremarkable steadiness and a slight improvement.  Any time you can improve is a good thing – but for this OVERACHIEVER – I want more!

I feel great – going to spin this morning, then off to a world of youth sports for my kids.  So without further ado…

M Spike is at .49 – lower than the .57 from last month but the response this time around has not been as dramatic.  Looking for zeroes!

IGg = 900 – This is a normal reading and lower than last month’s as well.  This is the one we pay attention to.

IGa = 72 – Normal

IGm = 40 – Normal

Kappa Chain Protein = 20.81 – Still too high (19.40 is normal) but lower than last month’s 21.97

Lambda Chain Protein = 11.10 – Normal

K/L Ratio = 1.875 – Still high (1.65) but lower than last month’s 2.525 as well

SO…. as I said last month … SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE … It is not the speed of remission I need but the deepness.  I have until January (when I have my SCT) to get into good deep remission.  OVERACHIEVERS…SADDLE UP!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.  I will report back after I consult with Dr. J

#bradstrong – Its a great day to fight Cancer

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