10/9 – Ewwww!

This past week I met an oncologist. Not a “top” guy like Dr. J or Dr. S but an oncologist nonetheless. We started talking about Myeloma and the conversation went something like this:

RANDOM DOCTOR: You have Myeloma?
ME: Yep.
RANDOM DOCTOR: Who is treating you?
ME: I see Dr. J at Mount Sinai and am having my transplant done at Hackensack in coordination with Dr. S.
RANDOM DOCTOR: Those are great doctors.
ME: The best – although they don’t agree on protocol. Dr. J wants to do an auto transplant while Dr. S wants to do an allo.
RANDOM DOCTOR: Dr. S wants EVERYONE to have an allo.
ME: Well we chose to go with Dr. J’s protocol because he has been treating me since diagnosis. Although I do have chromosome 17p deletion.

Really? That was his response? “EWWWW?” What is that? I politely reminded him that I ran a 5k this week. I feel great. I have a host of other factors (youth, strength, overall health, no kidney impairment, etc) that help offset the genetics somewhat. I also politely reminded him that I am a “one” as per a previous blog post regarding CLICK HERE research that reclassifies Myeloma staging.

EWWWW? That is not proper for a doctor, much less an oncologist to say. After I reminded him of all the ways I choose to live in strength and not live in fear I politely said “This conversation is over.” Although I really wanted to say “STFU!”


5 responses to “10/9 – Ewwww!

  1. My husband (aged 50) also has 17p deletion and scores a one on the new classification system. After his stem cell transplant, our transplant oncologist told him that most likely he has 2-4 years left because of the deletion. I’m not sure how they can keep regurgitating this info since there are so many new regimens out. He is on every other week Velcade and is 8 months out from transplant and holding steady. Good luck to you Brad and all your chromosomes (even the missing ones).

  2. Dear Brad, I have known drs. to make a lot of comments, bue EWWWWW! is the worst I have ever heard. Hope you tell your story on yelp – others need to know. Keep on keeping on. You are terrific. Would love to have you and the family join us for Thanksgiving. Any hope of that?

    Hugs, Aunt Roberta

  3. What a jackass. You should have said…”you treat patients with serious illnesses?…. whewwww!”

    Marc W. Plawker, MD FACS

  4. I feel sorry for his patients. This guy should not be practicing medicine with that attitude. Wishing you the best from the Pinelands! Terry L.

  5. I remember seeing an eye doctor in my foursome take a look at a another guy in my foursome on the golf course who had been struck in the eye by a bug and the doctor must have forgotten his bedside manner because he said, “oh shit, that looks bad”.

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