10/6 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I haven’t written in about a week. I have been enormously busy at work (a good thing) so haven’t had the time nor the energy available to write. Also – I have been feeling normal and strong so there isn’t really much to report.

Yesterday, however, was a special day. In my last blog I wrote about Sheree Pask, the mother of Ava’s 3rd grade teacher and a Multiple Myeloma survivor. Sheree organized a 5k run to raise money for a cure through the IMF – the International Myeloma Foundation. Yesterday was that race and we had quite a crew there to support the cause.


Helene, Victor and Ava ran. Our extended family was there as well – Helene’s sisters Pamela and Carolyn, our brothers in law Robert and Jeff, nieces and nephews Isabelle, Ilyse, Sanford and Charlotte. We also had many friends come out to run/walk, watch and donate. The Jarecki family was ALL IN – Matt, Beth, Abby, Bella and Lila. Victor’s friend Spencer and his mom (our good friend Gerri) The House of Strauss – David, Carisa, Caden, Dylan and Grayson. Lauren and Olivia Roth, Mady Cohen and Jacqui Lenner. Also – my friend and client Bob Cosentino and his family came out. This was Bob’s first 5k and he inspired ME to run in it as well. I don’t know if I could have finished if I didn’t know he was waiting at the end – (I will do anything – within the law – for more business)

Special acknowledgement to Bob and his family for coming all the way from Staten Island to run. Also special kudos to my kids. Ava ran then went off to soccer practice. Victor ran then went to play a double header baseball game afterwards. On that note – a special thank you to ALL THE KIDS – you guys rock! Everyone ran and had huge smiles as they crossed the finish line. Thank you to Bella for pacing me. Thank you to Mady and Olivia for always making sure they stayed a few steps ahead of us the whole way – I am convinced their only goal was to beat me! Very special thanks to my nieces Amanda and Ilyse who made donations with their OWN MONEY to the IMF – I did not know that until last night. Thank you as well to Carisa for the great pictures below.

Most of all though I owe my friend Matt Jarecki a giant thank you. Matt slowed down even his own pace to make sure I was OK on the course and was with me every step of the way throughout. He also was a fantastic DJ with the iPhones as we synced our music as we ran. We walked the uphills and ran the rest but we crossed the finish line about 42 minutes later. We weren’t quick – but we finished. Slow and steady wins the race – just like fighting Cancer – slow and steady. If I can kick the can down the road long enough SOMEONE, ANYONE will find a cure. That’s what I am counting on.

For those that have gone through this before or are going through it now, for anyone fighting through difficult times: having friends like Matt makes all the difference.

As Matt’s wife Beth (@bethjarecki) tweeted out – Today is a great day to fight Cancer!



















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