9/29 – We All Fight Together

I never knew that my getting sick would motivate so many people to get involved to help fight Cancer and support fundraising efforts to find a cure. It’s not quite possible to show my appreciation for the love and support others have shown me. I try every day to live a life of gratitude and thanks to those who have been inspired to join the fight. Here are two such stories:

This is a picture of my brother Charles, his wife Hillary and their kids Eli and Ari. Hillary ran in a spontaneous 5k yesterday that she found out about the last minute. She decked herself out in #bradstrong signs and ran. Charles walked behind pulling Eli and Ari in the wagon. Other family members ran as well including my brother in law Danny and my dad and step mother who walked along.

Hillary wrote a wonderful email to her friends regarding the race, why she is running and my experience. Meanwhile, my inquisitive nephew Eli is learning what it means to be #bradstrong! When I saw him last month he asked me if I still had Cancer. I told Hillary to tell him yesterday that I do, in fact, still have Cancer but by walking in this race he can help me get better.

NEXT SATURDAY October 5th is the Miracles for Myeloma walk in Clark, NJ. Sheree Pask is one of the key organizers of this event to benefit the IMF – International Myeloma Foundation. Sheree is the mother of Ava’s third grade teacher last year Matthew Pask. When I had my golf outing last June, Mr. Pask and his mom Sheree were the very first to raise their hands to volunteer. I will be running (?) – inspired by Sheree’s survival, my friend and client Bob (who is running his first official 5k) and my friend Matt who will hopefully give me a good, slow pace to follow. You can sign up for the race right here:


Here is a great picture of Sheree from the golf outing with her son – (Mr.) Pask – sorry – he’s a teacher. I can’t call him Matthew!


Thanks to all of you who have stepped up to join and fight along side me. And to those of you like Sheree who continue to battle, survive, thrive and contribute – you are my real heroes.

It’s such a great day to fight Cancer. #bradstrong

2 responses to “9/29 – We All Fight Together

  1. Dear Brad, It was a beautiful day in Chicago yesterday and lots of beautiful people ran and walked for you. Sorry we couldn’t do it, ;but told lots of folks about it. Hope you are feeling as well as you sound in your blog. You are in our thoughts all of the time. Love, Uncle Herb and Aunt roberta

  2. Hi Brad, I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! -Cameron

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