9/17 – Monthly Myeloma Markers

I got my monthly Myeloma numbers back this weekend but didn’t want to post them up until I heard from Dr. J. I sent him this email on Saturday:

From: Brad Coustan
Date: September 14, 2013, 11:23:16 AM EDT
To: Dr. J
Subject: Markers

M Spike .57 g/DL = same as last month
M Spike % 8.40 = slightly higher than last month

Kappa 21.97 = slightly higher than last month
K/L Ratio 2.525 = high but lower than last month

IGg 1032 = slightly lower than last month

Should I be worried? Seems like no or little progress made for cycle 8.


His response?

From: Dr. J
Date: September 16, 2013, 9:03:35 PM EDT
To: Brad Coustan
Subject: RE: Markers

Not to worry!

Okay then. I won’t worry.

You see, that’s the great thing about Dr. J. I can have as much detail about my Cancer as I want but he’s only going to give me as much as I need. I could call him up (even at his home if I want) and ask a million questions. But – I won’t – because if he says not to worry then I won’t worry. The most important thing is that I feel well, I am productive, I can work, have fun, enjoy my family and friends. Whether or not we want to admit it – we all have limited time left on this great Earth. Whether we have Cancer or not eventually we die. EVERYONE DOES. So the important thing is to be productive and feel well while we are ALIVE – which by the way for me is a long, long time.

Yesterday – yesterday was a rough one. I got my monthly Zometa IV. That is the bone strengthener. For whatever reason it KICKS MY ASS! I woke up middle of the night on Sunday with chills. I was shaking. Helene had to put a blanket on me. Then an hour later I was sweating. I was feverish, nauseous and didn’t sleep all night. Lots of muscle cramps and bone pain – that means its working by the way!

I muddled through work. Four great appointments, lots of water and made it to see Dr. R for my weekly acupuncture. I instantly felt better afterward. I don’t know if it was the needles increasing the blood and fluid flow through my body or that I was able to take a nap on the table for 30 minutes. I ALWAYS feel better after seeing Dr. R.

If there are any Cancer patients that have not tried Eastern medicine philosophies or treatments I HIGHLY recommend it. I participated in a Myeloma chat on Sunday night via Twitter with patients and doctors and I got a ton of questions on it. Understanding that it is generally not covered by insurance and some of the techniques are “out there” – BUT – why wouldn’t you try anything at your disposal to promote your health. If your mind is open to it – the addition of Eastern medicine has been a great one. Whether it is the acupuncture needles, the daily dry brushing across my body, nutrition, diet or herbs – EVERYTHING we have incorporated has helped me feel better. There are other things that I have yet to incorporate but will be soon.

I will write, as promised during my Twitter chat, an entire blog entry on Eastern Medicine this week.

Until then – I am off to work. I feel a THOUSAND times better this morning than I did yesterday morning. The Zometa side effects usually only last a day. I feel great. I am not worried. Dr. J said so.

#bradstrong. It’s a great day to fight Cancer.

3 responses to “9/17 – Monthly Myeloma Markers

  1. It is not surprising for the rate of decrease to slow over time…this is a classic curve and not a bad thing….Also, as I recall, you were off drugs for some time, so this tells me: (i) that there is almost certainly NO way you have developed resistance; and (ii) because of that time off, it may take a while get back to a steady decline again…. so I agree: “not to worry.”

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