9/1 – 9 Months

It has been nine months since my Cancer diagnosis.  I tweeted out the other day…In the time it takes to create a human life I have fought for my own.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.

In other news – I think I know why my energy is LOW.  I stopped taking my multi vitamin about a month ago.  I read an article about iron and Myeloma and how they interact.  Consequently, ever since I stopped taking the vitamin my RBC (red blood cell) count has gone down pretty steadily.  I reincorporated Centrum back into the plan yesterday and had more energy.

After a two hour drive home from a Bar Mitzvah upstate I put together two shoe shelves and a bench for the mud room.  Then I went on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports radio with @heykayadams to draft a team for her diehards league.  I never got on the air but I got a nice mention from Kay about my treatment, what I am going through and the money we are raising for a cure and awareness.  If you have a chance to listen to Livin’ The Fantasy on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Channel you can hear her mention me.  After that, I dropped by one of my hometown fantasy football drafts to check up on my partner and our team.

Ima 'bout to go BEAST MODE on @heykayadams and her @siriusXMFantasy diehards draft!

Ima ’bout to go BEAST MODE on @heykayadams and her @siriusXMFantasy diehards draft!

NOW – I have drafted 4 of my 5 leagues.  The last one (and most important – longest running) is on Tuesday night.  After that, you can expect my first fantasy football analysis on the blog. I don’t want to give away any secrets before that draft.

I woke up this morning and feel great.  Going to take my herbs, get in a light workout, drink some #bradstrong juice and organize my work life for the final quarter of the year.

9 months in … many more to go.  Life is regular right now.  I would like to keep it like that.  A great Labor Day weekend spent with family, friends, fantasy football buddies.  Even with Cancer I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world.

Keep feeling it.  Keep feeling #bradstrong

2 responses to “9/1 – 9 Months

  1. Make sure you talk to your doctor about vitamins, herbs & green tea. My daughter was told some of these can counteract the work of the chemo so she didn’t take any. Even aspirin.

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