8/23 – Visit With Dr. J – What Matters Most

I had my three month check up with Dr. J yesterday morning and it went as expected. That is great news for a Cancer patient. As I wrote earlier my M Spike is at .57 and my Kappa Chain is slightly above normal at 20. The IGg protein levels are normal. This was all expected as I took a chemo holiday for the stem cell harvest.

The GOOD NEWS is that the urine protein analysis had an M Spike of ZERO. Also only showed “traces” of Myeloma cells. “Hazy bands” as Dr. J called them. This is also a sign of good kidney function. I am always keeping hydrated – drinking LOTS of water to promote this.

I asked the doc “What numbers are you looking at most closely? WHAT MATTERS MOST?” His answer: What matters most is that you FEEL WELL. And – I do FEEL WELL – more often than not. Monday…Monday I had Cancer for sure. I was wiped out. I had meetings all day on Staten Island and it was all I could do to keep my head up. Drinking tons of water in between meetings trying to keep the nausea at bay. The rest of the week – I didn’t feel as if I had Cancer. MIND OVER MATTER but I have been fortunate enough to tolerate treatment really well.

That’s a good thing because I left the Dr. J and went to host an investor dinner last night at Colts Neck Golf Club. I think I NAILED IT but maybe that’s just the steroid (DEX) in me. After my presentation to the group my client’s mother in law took me aside, hugged me and put her hand on my shoulder, closed her eyes and said a prayer for me. She (and he) asked if I would mind if she prayed to Jesus Christ (since I am Jewish) and I said I didn’t mind at all. Listen – I need EVERYONE AVAILABLE to me in this fight. If you want to pray to Jesus, Buddah, Allah, Adonai – whatever! We can pool our resources and find a cure.

So – back to the check up. Dr. J is not concerned. He said that after this cycle I should be back in remission or at least close. Kappa should go down rapidly. M Spike might take a little longer. Being back on the Revlimid will help. I needed to go off Rev prior to stem cell harvest. I haven’t had that drug since April.

Also – he upped the dose of Carfilzomib from 27mg to 36mg. My nurse, Patrick, says this is the latest trend – and you always want to be trendy when it comes to your chemotherapy.

I managed to sneak in my Friday treatment yesterday while I was waiting for Dr. J because he was at a conference and running late – hence the DEX high last night. Today I go back for 2nd day which means that I do a Thursday/Friday this week instead of a Friday/Saturday. This is great since I leave treatment today and drive to Lancaster, PA to do another investor meeting – on a FRIDAY NIGHT? – yes – on a Friday night. As Bud Fox was told – MONEY NEVER SLEEPS! Now I have my Saturday free to tackle that 34 item to do list before Helene and the kids return from their long weekends.

Is it bad when your to do list is so long and messy that you can’t even read it anymore?

Anyway – I am feeling fortunate to be on track. Although I am home alone this weekend I have plenty to keep me busy. For those who care – the interns are almost finished with the fantasy football binders ahead of our draft(s) this coming week and next.

I am still on track for the stem cell transplant in January. Dr. J feels this is great timing as he will need a few months to get me into a strong remission. By the way, I also learned that Carfilzomib is working very well with patients like me who have the 17p deletion. ANOTHER SILVER LINING.

I feel great. I have no pain and I now have even MORE chemo in me to fight this. Cancer better watch out. I am getting all TRENDY on it … And I have Jesus on my side.

#bradstrong – another great day to fight Cancer

3 responses to “8/23 – Visit With Dr. J – What Matters Most

  1. Amen brother! You know that most scholars agree that Jesus was a Jewish preacher from Galilee and at some point was baptized by John the baptist.

  2. Great post. Your blog has inspired me in many ways as someone who was diagnosed with myeloma himself (2011, age 49, wife, two elementary school age sons) and had the same CRD treatment as you. I hope the carfilzomib combo chops down and obliterates your myeloma permanently and completely. Best wishes always and THANK YOU for your blog….it really helps. Terry, Haddonfield, NJ

  3. I commented on your blog a few months ago about support groups. I have continually been reading your comments and find them very inspiring. My husband is a very spry 60 yr old MM survivor. He had a stem cell transplant about 2 1/2 years ago. Still no m-spike. So great. With an attitude like yours, I bet you’ll be the same. So good that myeloma drugs work so well and that there are more down the pike.
    I am also Jewish and totally agree with you. I will take any and all prayers. I’m moderately religious and belong to a reform synagogue, which I find so helpful for healing and socializing! Be well. Wendy, Cape Elizabeth, ME

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