8/21 – Survivors Everywhere

Those of you who came to our golf outing may have met one of our volunteers, Sheree Pask.  Sheree is the mother of Ava’s teacher last year Matthew Pask.  When Ava shared my diagnosis with her teacher he told her about his mom who has been a Myeloma survivor and has endured two stem cell transplants.  I think knowing that she shared that bond with her teacher helped give Ava some confidence that I could beat this thing.

Not only did Mr. Pask and Sheree volunteer at the golf outing – they were two of the VERY FIRST to raise their hand to help.  It is amazing how you never know how close you can be to someone who suffers, let alone suffers from something so similar to you.  When they say its a small world – IT IS A SMALL, SMALL WORLD.  Now, Helene and I are planning on returning the favor as Sheree is putting on a 5K event in Clark, NJ to raise money for the International Myeloma Foundation.  The link is below for those who want to read Sheree’s story and for those who want to join ALL OF US in finding a cure.  We will be there Sheree!  I am going to try to run.  I couldn’t even run a 5k before Cancer!  I think I can do it – albeit slowly.  I hope the park is open after dark!



Tomorrow I am off to see Dr. J at Mount Sinai.  We will discuss the recent numbers and hopefully he will reassure me that we are still on track for the January transplant.  I will update on the visit tomorrow.

It’s a great day to fight cancer.


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