8/17 – Yep, I Still Have Cancer

So today was day 2 of cycle 9. CRD plus Zometa the bone strengthener. Good news for a Saturday was that Patrick, my regular nurse was there. Natalie the NP who works with Dr. J was there as well. A real treat for a Saturday because she doesn’t usually work on the treatment floor.

I am glad she was there to talk because as I said I was expecting some disturbing numbers and I got them. My M Spike is up to .57. That is just over 100% of what it was six weeks ago. The Kappa Chain proteins were 20.81. This is slightly above normal of 19.40 and the first time it has been above normal in months. The Kappa/Lambda ratio was 2.948 against a normal reading of 1.650. IGg protein levels were around 1100. Still normal but a lot higher than they were 6 weeks ago.

After speaking with Natalie I am right on target with my expectations. The numbers should go back down after a few cycles of Chemo – especially with the Revlimid in play again after stem cell harvest. Kappa Chain, she said, is very volatile and should go down right away as will the K/L ratio. M Spike may take a little longer to decrease. We are not worried yet. The drugs worked before and they should again. That’s what Multiple Myeloma is. It is an INCURABLE cancer that will keep appearing if not treated. Remember, even as recently as March I was in tremendous pain. There were days where I would lay down on the acupuncture table and would have trouble getting up again. I couldn’t put my pants on without holding on to the dresser for support. As they say – “We’ve come a long way, baby!”

Let’s put this into perspective. At diagnosis my M Spike was 2.76. I am still about 75% in remission. My Kappa Chains were 231.28 vs. 20.81 today. More than a 90% decrease there. The K/L ratio at diagnosis was 39.756 vs 2.948 today. All in all I am in much better shape than I was in December. I am about where I was in March and that’s OK. This was never going to be a straight and easy ride. I was prepared for much worse than I have gotten and for that I am fortunate.

So 8/17 – Reality check – I still have Cancer. SILVER LINING? I said it all along. As long as the drugs work I will be fine. And the drugs work. The chemo works. That’s been proven.

I am seeing Dr. J again Thursday for my three month check up. I am sure he will add more color to the discussion. I am hoping we are still on track for the SCT in January. Who knows, he may want to push that up sooner.

BUCKLE UP CANCER – I got the good stuff in me again and I am coming after you!

2 responses to “8/17 – Yep, I Still Have Cancer

  1. The news is on target with what you expected and that is about as good as you can get. You did what you had to do and you will keep doing it. Keep going!

  2. Brad, you continue to amaze us with your tremendous spirit and optimism . We really believe that this is crucial in beating any disease. You empower and impress us with every blog we read. You WILL BEAT this !! We applaud you , & you are always in our hearts & prayers. L,ove to all. Joni & Jeffrey

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