8/16 – Cycle 8 (or 9 … I lost count)

Today I begin the next cycle of Chemo.  We are back to the CRD cocktail.  Carfilzomib, Revlimid and Dexamethasone.  The last 6 weeks have been great!  I haven’t had any chemo as we stopped to clean me out for the stem cell harvest.  Without the toxins in my body the bloating has gone down somewhat (I am still fat but not as bloated – unfortunately the 25 pounds I gained has not gone away), my mind is clearer and my energy has been good (except for the last week)

HOWEVER – Cancer/Myeloma still lurks in my body and it is time to reengage the fight!  Even though I feel great I can still tell that the Myeloma has probably worsened over this past six weeks without drugs.  Although I am not as tired as I once was I still am fatigued at the end of the day.  Last night I went upstairs to bed around 9 – although the night before I was up past 1 – that may have had something to do with it.  My body aches in certain areas – back mostly – although spin class may have something to do with that.

You see, there is the rub that all Cancer patients face.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  Every ache, pain, tweak is a sign that something is worse or something else is wrong.  Could be I am just TIRED.  Could be I just have an aching back from the gym.  Or…it could be Myeloma.  

I am preparing for some disturbing numbers when they take my blood today.  It would only make sense that my M Spike is back, the Kappa chains are high and the IGg number is high.  I haven’t had the Chemo in six weeks.  That’s what Myeloma is – an incurable Cancer that always comes back.  I will probably get those numbers back Monday or Tuesday.  I am not WORRIED – just PREPARED.  I know that if the Cancer has worsened when I am off Chemo that Chemo will beat it back into remission.  Then – once in remission again – we will have the stem cell transplant and beat it for good – or at least the for the most amount of time we can get.

So … don’t cry for me Argentina (or anywhere else) – I feel great.  I am in much better shape than I was going into this battle in December.  I feel much better than I did then. I am starting a new cycle today with a cocktail (CRD) that put me into complete remission a few months ago AND … I have 35 million stem cells being frozen, cleaned up and ready to put back into my body this January.

100% Brad at the stem cell bank!

It’s a great day to fight Cancer again.  It’s a great day to begin the next phase to recovery!  #bradstrong


7 responses to “8/16 – Cycle 8 (or 9 … I lost count)

  1. Brad, When I get a little down with lesser problems than yours, I think about your positive attitude and it inspires me to be more positive. Keep it up.

    Uncle Les

  2. As I and I am sure others have said before, your attitude is what will ultimately win this battle. DO IT!

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