8/12 – Monday Morning

It is Monday morning and back from vacation and back to work, life and all it offers. I don’t have much to report on other than I feel great. Week at the shore was much needed. It was great spending time with Helene and the kids. Also great to spend time with Helene’s sister, husband and their kids as well. I picked out some of my favorite pictures and attached them below.

We have a family tradition. At dinner we ask each other “What’s your FAVORITE part of the day?” When I ask my self what my FAVORITE part of vacation is … I can’t really pick one.

Was it surfing the waves at the beach?
Bike riding?
Playing tennis?
Going to the gym/spin class?
The rides at the boardwalk?
Funnel Cakes?
Water park?
Going to see the Harlem Globetrotters?
Throwing up over the side of the fishing boat? TWICE?
Arguing over balls and strikes in whiffle ball?
Spending a GAZILLION dollars on boardwalk games winning stuffed animals my kids will never look at again?


It doesn’t matter whether I am spending a sunny day at the beach or a cold, rainy day on a fishing boat – as long as I spend it together with my family. It doesn’t matter whether we are smiling, laughing, crying or yelling. Being alive and being together is what it’s all about.

Moving on to Monday morning. Back to the routine. It is symbolic that I am writing this against a backdrop of rain pouring down outside. Going to the gym, working, acupuncture (GOODNESS GRACIOUS I MISS MY ACUPUNCTURE) and home.

Chemo begins again on Friday. Same routine – Friday and Saturday, three weeks on, one bye week until the SCT (hopefully) in January. Same routine. Keep it going – with my family beside me – keep it going.

















5 responses to “8/12 – Monday Morning

  1. Beautiful post……beautiful. I go fishing out of that very marina in Avalon on the Miss Avalon with my two boys. Cheers, Terry from Haddonfield, NJ.

  2. The shore is awesome. All the pictures are great but those of the kids on the lifegaurd’s chair at sunset are spectacular. Feel good buddy!

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