7/29 – Heck of a Day

I am beat. That was one heck of a day! I have so many thoughts going through me right now but I am way to tired to process any of them. Think about what I did today:

I woke up, drove to Hackensack and had breakfast with Helene. I went to Hackensack Medical Center where they hooked me up to a machine with a needle in each arm. From the hours of 9:00 AM until about 3:00 PM that machine drew 20 liters of blood from my body, separated the stem cells into a bag and then returned the blood back into my other arm. I drove home (closed a big piece of business in the car) and watched my son and his teammates play their hearts out in the league championship only to fall short to Chatham 7-4. Then we got to hang out with the team and parents afterwards. I just walked in the house at 9:30 PM after picking up a new anti nausea patch at Barron’s Pharmacy because the other one fell off my arm. ONE HECK OF A DAY!

I have so many people to acknowledge that helped me through the day but FIRST I want to acknowledge everyone who reads these (sometimes mindless) blogs every day. I choose to live my journey very publicly through my writing. Sometimes I write too much (today) and sometimes I don’t write enough (in some people’s opinions) but I appreciate everyone’s willingness to take the volume with the drought and the philosophy with the rambling. It is a balance but at the end of the day (I really hate that expression) I do this for me. You can participate as you like. I am forever appreciative and humbled that you participate at all.

So in the interest of time let me list today’s multiple SILVER LININGS

HELENE – For waking up with me, eating at a crusty diner in Hackensack with me, enduring the waitress who smelled like cigarettes with me (by the way I think we second hand smoked a whole pack every time she walked by) HELENE for sitting in the transplant room with me, for scratching my itches, for reminding me ever so nicely that I need to tweeze my ears. HELENE for feeding me, filling my water and being on this journey together with me every step of the way.

MY CHILDREN VICTOR AND AVA – For your patience, your understanding, your love and your courage. It must be hard to have a dad with Cancer but you deal with it so well. I am prouder of both of you by the minute.

HELENE’S PARENTS – For taking care of Ava last night and both Ava and Victor tonight. Not only are you the best distraction for our kids we could ask for you are also wonderful parents and grandparents as well.

COACH NOAH, ALI, ETHAN AND JORDAN – Thanks for letting Victor stay over last night. You have had your share of him lately. Thank you for being great friends.

COACH NOAH – Coach drove up to Hackensack today to sit for awhile with me in the transplant room. It takes a caring friend to do that on the day he coaches for the league championship. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

NURSE CHERYL – You are a bona fide rock star! Here’s hoping we got the 12 million or at least get it relatively quickly.

MY CREW – You know who are. Our friends in Westfield who opened up some kind of credit line for me at Bohemian Raspberry so I can get my #bradstrong juices. I only hope I live long enough to run that line down!

FAMILY AND FRIENDS – For the constant check ins. I may not answer back right away but I feel your support coming from all directions.

MY FRIEND KEN – Ken holds a golf outing every year to raise money for Cancer research in memory of his father. I think he has been doing this for about ten years. Today was that outing. It is a humbling reminder that I’m not the only one who has shit going on. It must be a difficult day for Ken. I am thinking about Ken today.

LAUREN – My partner at work. Thank you for holding down the fort for a few days. Keep the momentum going!

BARRON’S PHARMACY – For letting me give you my credit card number by memory when I picked up my prescription tonight because I left my wallet at home.

ALL THE BASEBALL PARENTS – Especially the Kesslers who had everyone over tonight. This summer was a great hang.

THE BOYS OF WESTFIELD 11U BASEBALL – You don’t always come out on top but tonight you played with HEART, HUSTLE AND SOUL. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to today. You did not disappoint.


I have said it before and I will say it again: EVEN WITH CANCER I WOULDN’T TRADE PLACES WITH ANYONE IN THE WORLD!

Tomorrow I promise not to blog all day. If you want an update you can follow me on Twitter (@bradcoustan) or if you go to the blog you can scroll through my tweets on the right hand side of the page. Thanks for letting me clog your inbox for the day. It was A HECK OF A DAY!

5 responses to “7/29 – Heck of a Day

  1. Wow!! I got tired just from reading about your day and you talk about it as if it was nothing. With that attitude Brad, you will love to 100. And then Helene will have no choice but to feed you lol. You’re amazing, as is your entire family. You are a lucky guy and you are going to beat this. Be strong Bradstrong. We are rooting for you!!

  2. You are incredible and your guts and determination are amazing! My money is on you…all the way. XO Donna

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