7/28 – Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my stem cell harvest. After an adventurous weekend of giving myself Neupogen shots 3x daily and one shot of Mobozil tonight (which I completely botched) to get my cells moving I head to Hackensack Medical Center at 8AM to begin the process.

Sometime tomorrow they will hook me up to a machine that will draw the blood out of one arm, separate the stem cells and then put the blood back in the other arm. I am guessing its kind of like dialysis? Anyway, from what I understand its not a really big deal. It should take anywhere from one day to one week. Our goal is to get 12 million cells.

*** holds pinky finger to corner of lip *** “12 million cells …” (Austin Powers joke)

I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little. I have no reference point on that one. 12 million is enough for two transplants if needed.

Thank you to everyone who emailed, texted or called. Your support is very much appreciated. The one text that got to me was Victor’s. we dropped him off to spend the night at his friend’s house. He didn’t have much interest in me all day – he was busy. But he did text me tonight. Our exchange was this:

HIM: How r u?? Feeling good?

ME: Great. Feeling great. Tomorrow and this week is easy. It gets tougher in January when they put the cells back in. This should be a piece of cake. I got this. No worries.

HIM: K. I’m worried. I miss u. 😦

ME: You don’t need to worry about this. It’s like what they do at chemo but instead of putting medicine in they are taking stuff out.

HIM: OK. c u 2morrow.

Made me cry. The worst part is always the kids. How do the kids feel? What are they thinking? They don’t always share it so when they do its meaningful.

Anyway – tomorrow and this week IS the easy part. So I love you all for your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers but as I always say – I GOT THIS. I. GOT. THIS.

Tonight I got to spend time with so many great people that I care about so deeply. My family and my crew. We had an impromptu birthday celebration for my brother in law Bob tonight and then a poker game for my friend Mike’s 40th birthday. I dont know where i would be without the support of my crew. 40 seems like ages ago for me but as I told someone tonight – if I make it to 50 I am going to throw myself a second Bar Mitzvah.

Now I get some alone time with my very best friend Helene. She will be with me tomorrow. That will be nice for me. So … tomorrow we harvest. Tomorrow we are going for 12 million. I am excited to get this show on the road but I gotta tell you – I am more excited to get out of there tomorrow and get to Victor’s baseball game.

Let’s do this. I got this. Tomorrow will be a GREAT day to fight cancer.

5 responses to “7/28 – Tomorrow

  1. 10-12 million is the typical goal. Some people get that many in two or three days. Others it takes the whole week. You got this! Enjoy Victor’s game. Matt

  2. Looking forward to the 2nd bar mitzvah. I thought the first was pretty good. Jonathan Yellen

  3. Dear Brad, Was buried in an application deadline and didn’t get the chance to reply to this blog until now – the application is in! Your last Bar Mitzvah party we here – can you believe it, it was just yesterday!. Uncle Herb and I will be delighted to share this mitzvah with you and have the party here again. I’ll put it on my calendar. You are very brave and we salute you. Keep being Bradstrong. Love, Aunt Roberta

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