7/26 – I’m Just a Big Baby

I am a huge baby. In order to get my stem cells mobilized for the harvest on Monday I have to give myself 3 shots each morning of this stuff called Neupogen. I don’t know how many people have ever injected themselves with a syringe but I am not one of them. I don’t think I would be able to handle being diabetic because I can’t give a shot to MYSELF. It creeps me out. Diabetics are MUCH, MUCH braver than I am.

During my consult with Dr. D my transplant coordinator, Anne, demonstrated what I was supposed to do with these needles. I took it all in. We practiced on a stress ball. But as I told her, it’s not the same as my belly or my thigh. SOMEHOW I convinced her to let me come to Hackensack today and have her do it for me. Now the problem is what do I do Saturday and Sunday.

Helene was nice enough to volunteer but, really, when it comes to needles and shots I prefer a trained professional.

So off I went to Hackensack Medical Center today with three pre-filled syringes of Neupogen for Anne to inject in me. I got there at 8:30 AM on the button. She met me in the lobby. We went to the exam room and she demonstrated (again) what I should do.

*** By the way – I told her she wasn’t going to find any fat on my belly to be able to inject – but she seemed to do OK. Must be the Chemo bloat! ***

First, she unwrapped the syringe. She sterilized the area of my stomach she was going to inject. She took off the safety device from the needle and then stuck the darn thing right in me. NO HESITATION WHATSOEVER! And you know what? Just like my mother always told me when I went for a shot at Dr. Singer, it didn’t hurt a bit! It was easy. I didn’t even feel a thing!

I did the next two myself. I thanked her and was on my way. There might be some side effects over the next few days. Bone pain because the marrow is now stimulated and the stem cells inside are churning and ready to exit my body. I may have some fatigue, some nausea and maybe some – *ahem* – digestive issues. Nothing I can’t handle. I have Cancer. Do you think I’m going to let a few side effects bother me?

I am a big baby – BUT – I now know of one less thing I should be scared of – Neupogen injections. ANNE – You are the latest in a long line of HEROES I have encountered on my journey. You are today’s SILVER LINING. But I got it from here. I can’t wait to do it myself tomorrow!

It’s a great day to fight cancer …. again. #bradstrong

3 responses to “7/26 – I’m Just a Big Baby

  1. Very proud of your bravery. Just another hurdle to leap over. Hope the side effects are minimal.

    Love, Aunt Roberta

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