6/24 – My Little Girl is All Growns Up

Yesterday Ava left for camp.


I am so proud of the way she has grown up this year. It is tough to think of the possibility of your kids growing up without you and then watching them grow right before your eyes. I always mention the MILESTONES. This was a MILESTONE. First camp drop off.


We had tears for a couple of nights before she left. She told Helene that she thought I was going to die while she was away at camp. I think part of that is drama and part is real. Victor left for baseball camp for one week last year and our dog died. That’s her reference. That part is real.

I told her that I probably wasn’t going to die from Cancer while she was gone. I was more likely to get hit by a bus. AND – if I do get hit by a bus I made her promise that she would stay the whole summer and finish her session. That’s the way I would have wanted it.


The great thing about yesterday was watching her open another chapter in her life. I told her TRY EVERYTHING! Don’t leave any activity undone. Don’t be scared. Do your best. Life is too SHORT to not try.

My beautiful grown up Ava has a new road to travel for the next four weeks and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I will be crying all the way until visiting day.


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