6/14 – I’m a ONE!

Dr. J is back from Sweden. I had a chance to speak with him yesterday. He suggested that we do NOT do the allogeneic transplant. He said we need to harvest cells now and prepare for the auto (same cell) transplant in January as we had been planning all along.

His reasoning is that I am in a great response, near complete remission and if we jump straight to an allo transplant and it fails then we are out of other options. My thinking (and I don’t want to put words in his mouth) from speaking to him over the last six months is that he BELIEVES that we are a few years from a CURE. If an auto SCT buys me a few years – who knows what modern science will come up with? DID YOU KNOW – that 7 out of the last 11 Cancer drugs approved by the FDA have been Myeloma drugs? I read that on Twitter yesterday.

As far as the clinical trial option – Dr. J said just get the cells harvested then we will regroup and talk about clinical trials.

And in the “as if that wasn’t the only great thing about yesterday” department …. I found this great article about high risk Myeloma and further classifying and predicting survival rates:


So – now – even though I have the 17p deletion all the other risk factors are in my favor. I think this is what I have been saying all along. I score out to be a ONE in this marker. ONEs have a four year survival rate of 73%. I will take that. I will take that especially given the statistics of how survival rates are calculated, who is included in them and why they are skewed to the negative. I wrote about numbers in this post right here:


If you think about it (and its worth mentioning again) newly diagnosed patients aren’t really counted in overall survival numbers because they haven’t survived LONG ENOUGH to be counted! So – that means that the benefits of all these new novel therapies haven’t really made a full impact to move survival rates out to a more favorable number.

Bottom line – We move forward as planned with the auto SCT – and – I’m a ONE! I’m a ONE and happier than a pig in shit.

Another great day to fight Cancer. Another great day to be #bradstrong!

5 responses to “6/14 – I’m a ONE!

  1. Excellent news. Like the tortouse and the hair, slow and steady (one day at a time) wins the race. This is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Every day you survive and able to fight is a win. Keep winning! Sam Moss

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