6/13 – Sweden

Quick update because a lot of people have been asking – I have not spoken to Dr. J yet. I got a call from Dr. S nurse who told me that he was in Sweden at a hematology conference. Dr. J was there as well and they were “discussing” me.

I told her “I hope not! That would mean I am in pretty bad shape if I was the topic of discussion at a hematology conference. They can discuss me for about 5 seconds – then they can move on to more important topics.”

As I always say – everyone’s got shit to deal with. You just hope your shit is not worse than everyone else’s.

I will most likely hear from Dr. J either today or tomorrow – til then –

It’s another GREAT day to fight Cancer. #bradstrong

One response to “6/13 – Sweden

  1. Cousin Brad–i never thought to comment, duh! I read this daily, & send you healing & peaceful energy. You grew into an amazing man, father, husband. you are never alone!!!
    love, your much shorter cousin Jilly xo

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