6/4 – Email From Ava to Dr. J

From: Ava CoustanΒ 

Subject: Thank you!

Date: June 4, 2013 7:01:52 AM EDT

To: Sundar Jagannath

Cc: DaddyπŸ‘¨

Hi! I’m Ava Coustan. I’m 8 years old my father is Brad Coustan. He has Multiple Myeloma and you take care of him.
Once, I was at Mount Sinai and I was very excited because I wanted to meet you and thank you, but I didn’t have the chance. I figured, this I my chance.
Thank you! So much! My dad might not of been living if it wasn’t for you.
Also, many people are the same way.

Thanks!!!! So much!!!!
I mean a lot. Like a lot a lot and I don’t say that to many people.
Again, Thanks!!! I don’t know how many times I need to say it until you understand.
Ava CoustanπŸ’‹β€πŸ‘§
(Brad’s Daughter)πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘¨

5 responses to “6/4 – Email From Ava to Dr. J

  1. You truly are a lucky man to have such great kids. Not to mention, a great doctor, too.

  2. Dear Ava,

    That might be the best thank you note I have ever read. Know that people in hospitals really appreciate hearing from the family of the patient they help – and you sure did that. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!

    Brad, What a kid! Am sure you are beaming and qvelling. She is certainly the best medicine.

    Aunt Roberta

  3. You get out what you put in. A real tribute to you and Helene as parents. How beautiful . Deeply touched our hearts. With this kind of love & support you WILL beat this. Love Joni & Jeffrey

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