5/24 – Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me When I’m 114?

Interesting article tweeted by Mark Cuban (@mcuban) today about the oldest living American at 114 years old.


I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be 114 years old even if I were “HEALTHY” today. Can you IMAGINE the things this woman has seen in her lifetime? She was born in 1899! THE 1800’s!!! Forget about the Internet, computers, cell phones, the cloud, iPods and iPads – this woman was born when automobiles weren’t even around yet! When this woman was born the King of Prussia was NOT a city in Pennsylvania but an actual person!

Put aside the innovation, the global change, the prosperity, the political change and everything tangible this woman has experienced. Imagine now the MILESTONES she has lived through. Imagine the family moments. Imagine the birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays and celebrations she has enjoyed for 114 years. That’s what I aim for – the MILESTONES!

Right now I feel GREAT. Right now I feel like I will be there for all the MILESTONES. But can I make it like this woman? Will I make it to 114 years old? She lives with her 75 year old daughter for goodness sake! If you gave me a contract for 75 – I would sign it – no questions asked!

114 years old – I LOVE OVERACHIEVERS!

Headed off to continue cycle 6 today at Mt. Sinai. It’s a great day to fight cancer. #bradstrong

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