5/10 – TRUM or TRAM

For those involved with fantasy sports you will know that Matthew Berry, who writes a weekly column for ESPN.com, once in awhile calls his column “TRUM” for Thoughts and Random Useless Musings. Here is my own version – TRAM – Thoughts And Random Musings. I cut out the “useless” word. Otherwise, what’s the point. Anyway, with my bye week this week (no chemo) there isn’t really much to report. No blood numbers, no drug induced philosophy to fuel me. So instead – here is a quick TRAM session of me – one week into my personal remission:

WORK – work is great. Our fund is performing, our investors should be happy and we released some news on earnings this past week that further solidify our position. Personally my business continues to grow rapidly as does the entire company. For the first time in a while I feel like we are becoming the “default” option in our investment class as my phone is ringing more than its dialing out. That is a good thing. We need to keep that trend going. It hasn’t happened without work though (nothing does) as I have had three investor seminars this week. Saturday in Philadelphia, Monday night in Atlantic City and Tuesday night in Cherry Hill. That probably does not hit everyone the same but let’s just say the Tempest (my car) went over 100k miles this week:


FAMILY – everyone is great. Helene recovering from the 1/2 marathon, Victor and Ava navigating sports schedules. Tomorrow – Saturday – Ava has soccer then lacrosse. Victor has baseball. Then Sunday (Mothers Day) Ava has a soccer game and Victor has two baseball games. Somewhere in between we celebrate Mothers Day and I have a directive to power wash the backyard deck as the pool opens Monday. I could use some DEX this weekend.



GOLF OUTING – Golf outing is filling up quickly. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Sponsors include Steadfast Companies, Members Invest (Royal Alliance, West Orange), Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management, Mimi & Hill Interior Design, Arrow Pest Control, The Mattress Factory, Celeritas Solutions, Macro Consulting Group, BAMCO, Lauren Hammer LCSW and Morristown Ophthalmology Associates.

If you are thinking of playing, coming for cocktails and dinner only or sponsoring please sign up now. I don’t want anyone to get shut out. Brokers and Financial Advisors – find a wholesaler to take you! Plenty are coming. It should be a great day for a great cause with great friends. Here is the link to the site to register. If you click on the link in the middle of the next page, it will take you directly to PayPal to sign up.


So… That’s my TRAM – Thoughts and Random Musings. Up at 5:00 this morning nothing is different. I feel great. I am headed to the gym.

It is a SPECTACULAR day to fight Cancer … again.


One response to “5/10 – TRUM or TRAM

  1. Awesome swing by Victor, shorten the stride just a bit and work on hip action. He is a natural. RichP

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