4/26 – Wait… What?

Yesterday I continued my current cycle (let’s call it cycle 5) of Chemo at Mt. Sinai. This is the “semi-maintenance” to get me through the end of the year when I have the stem cell transplant. There isn’t really anything unusual about it to report. I had a breakfast meeting for work, got in the car, drove into the city and got my meds – which for this cycle are Cytoxan (replaced Revlimid), Carfilzomib and Dexamethasome.

DEX is the steroid. It keeps me up all night! And actually I was kind of psyched to NOT SLEEP last night. I had so much going on. My evening was planned out. Victor had a baseball game – I would go watch that. A little dinner (OK – A LOT of dinner – thanks DEX), My parents are here so I would spend some great time with them. NFL draft on TV and a Bulls/Nets playoff game. I envisioned myself going back and forth with my friend Matt (@MPG61) on Twitter about the draft all night because he had DEX today too. I envisioned the great draft analysis from my cuz (@court_mannCHI) and I envisioned a cornucopia of first class NBA tweets from my other buddy Brian Geltzeiler (@hoopscritic) to help me through the insomnia.

I loaded up on a DEX induced dinner of Chicken Noodle Soup, a turkey sandwich on rye and Gluten Free Rice Krispies. Got on the couch manned with my iPad on Twitter and ….FELL DIRECTLY ASLEEP! WAIT….WHAT?


That – again – is the thing about Cancer. It is utterly, entirely UNPREDICTABLE! Everything changes. Every number drawn from the blood has meaning – wait – sometimes REAL meaning or sometimes IMAGINED IN MY HEAD meaning. The imagined in my head meaning is the worst part. I can make up a lot of shit in my head about how sick I am or how much worse I am getting. BY THE WAY – I can also make up a lot of shit about how well I am and how much better I am getting as well. The imagined stuff is only cured by confirmation from the doctor that this is all going according to plan

Don’t get me wrong – I am THRILLED that I slept last night. I just want to know WHY – WHY did I sleep LAST NIGHT and not all the other nights (a modern day Passover question there.) Maybe it’s because I worked my ass off this week – early mornings and late nights? Maybe it’s because I needed to catch up. OR – MAYBE – it’s just because as we say in my industry – THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT.

I feel great this morning. My mom is coming with me to treatment. I slept more than I have in a month. I am having my best month ever at work. NOW – someone tell me – Who did the Bears and the Giants pick last night? and who won the Bulls/Nets game?

FOREVER #bradstrong

3 responses to “4/26 – Wait… What?

  1. Great post. Made me chuckle. And reminded me of the mental games myeloma plays. Annoying. But be glad you slept. You’re doing great! And by the way, I am real pleased w Vikings draft, Surprised no one took geno smith. And happy Minn didn’t take Manti

  2. Say Hi to Mom for me and that she is missing some crapy weather here in Chicago! Arlene Lewis Stay strong!

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