4/23 – Pals

Had a lunch meeting today – one of the great lunch meetings of my career.  A group of guys who all worked for one of the big investment banks in NYC that are now all retired.  They all worked in different departments but when the banks were smaller.  They watched the banks grow.  And grow.  And grow.  Most of them had more than 40 years in their job.  Imagine what these guys have seen in their careers.

Now – now they meet once a month for lunch.  At a place they used to eat at when they worked in NYC.  Once a month their financial advisor hosts a lunch for them and brings in someone (me) to talk to them about an investment idea.

Once a month since they retired these guys have met for lunch.  Some have been retired for a year, some for five years, some for eight.  There were about nine of them in the group.  One lost his wife five years ago.  One lives upstate.  One was still working.  They knew everything about the company they worked for and everything about the benefits they received for being there for 40 years.  

The banter around the table was nothing short of outstanding.  Imagine a group of guys that you know so well.  You work with your whole life.  They become your friends – and then – you retire.  But they are still your friends.  You still see them once a month and it is like you never left them at all.  You remember the good times, the good bosses, the bad bosses and all the holiday parties.  You can give each other shit and take it right back.  And once a month – every single month – you get together and have a beer and a lunch.  And its good.  Those are real PALS.

As I listened to the conversation – as I took in the meaning of the friendships – I wondered to myself.  Am I going to live long enough to have PALS like that.  20 years from now will I be having lunch with my ex-coworkers in a bar in Midtown Manhattan, or Newport Beach, or anywhere for that matter.  Will I live long enough….  

Answer is I don’t know.  I hope so.  Having PALS is a great thing.  I am going to try my fucking hardest to get there that’s for sure.

What a great day.  What a great lunch.

One response to “4/23 – Pals

  1. Family friends. That’s what it’s all about. You’ve learned that well. !!!!! Good job…… Keep posting these marvelous blogs They are so inspiring. Thoughts and prayers are with you XXOO Joni & Jeffrey

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