4/20 – A Couple of Random Things

1. Watching the Bulls/Nets playoff series open and I was reminded that Nets star Joe Johnson’s mother is battling Multiple Myeloma as well. Here is their story:

2. We went to dinner tonight at Nagoya for sushi. My choice tonight. Why choose Nagoya? First because I knew I would see my good friend Stu there. Also because I knew our good friend Jacqui would meet us there as well. But the SILVER LINING? The true SILVER LINING of the night was a surprise run in with Jeff Schwartz and his lovely wife Lisa. And no…that was not a paid endorsement. JUST CHECKING IF YOUR READING JEFF!

I have said it before and I will say it again. We live in a great town with great people. It’s great running into friendly faces all the time.

So early on – Bulls down by 11 points. But – I am BEATING cancer, I have my FAMILY beside me tonight and I saw some great FRIENDS earlier today. #perspective #bradstrong

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