4/15 – Bold Letters and Exclamation Points

I got my PET-CT scan results yesterday from Dr. J. Here is the text of his email to me:

Your PET-CT report is noted below. We performed this PET-CT mainly to assess the bulky tumor in your left iliac bone. This tumor has significantly decreased in size and metabolic activity. Many other sites of disease have also improved. I am quite pleased with the outcome.

His emphasis (bold letters) not mine. I LOVE bold letters!

That is all good news! It is really as good as we could have imagined. What it means is that the out of control growth that triggered the initial pain which led to my diagnosis has Become SIGNIFICANTLY smaller. Also, it has much less metabolic activity (THAT MEANS CANCER) in it.

Here is an image of the iliac bone (hip bone) in November 2012 – 4 1/2 months ago –


You can compare the two iliac bones in the picture and see that on my left hip (I am facing you so the right side of the picture) there is a growth that is blocking the visibility of the bone.

Now here is the picture from last week –


In the recent scan you can see that the mass is much smaller and even as Ava said “Dad, you can see where the bone is supposed to be!” No wonder that hip pain is gone.

This is all indicative of a favorable response to Chemo treatment.

MORE FINDINGS are that in a comparison between the two scans the lesions on the skull were found to be non hypermetabolic – meaning no Cancer activity – which is consistent with treated disease. Also that the previously seen (11/29/2012) lesions in the ribs have begun to scar (good) and have mild if any Cancer activity. The one caution, as far as I can tell, is that I have MULTIPLE rib fractures (who knew?) of varying age. SOME OF WHICH demonstrate mild Cancer activity.

Really – it was as good a report as we could have hoped for. I will get more interpretation from Dr. J when I see him for my check up this afternoon. To me – this means that the Chemo worked. We, FOR NOW, have stemmed the tide of Cancer. Now it is on to the Stem Cell Transplant portion of our program. When that happens – I suppose – will be determined this afternoon.

Here is the text of the email Dr. J sent me with the pictures in it:

See representative pictures!

An exclamation point. I LOVE BOLD LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS. I will post more after the check up.


11 responses to “4/15 – Bold Letters and Exclamation Points

  1. YAY!!!!! I am so, so happy for you!!! What a great way to start my day today!! I am sitting here crying–tears of joy!! Great news!!! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with all of the people who love an care about you and your beautiful family!! xoxoxo

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