4/3 – Results Are In

Quick hit on the blood work taken on Monday:

M Spike DOWN to .28! That is 90% response/remission as we started at 2.76.

I am IGg Kappa – meaning the IGg protein and the Kappa chain protein are the abnormal ones.

IGg is down to 778 (normal is 700-1600) – started on 12/1 at 3324
Kappa Chain is down to 11.14 (normal is 3.30-19.40) – started on 12/1 at 475.96
The Kappa/Lambda ratio is down to 1.262 (normal is .26-1.65) – started 12/1 at 76.64

The 24 hour urine showed even better – with no M Spike at all.

What does this mean? It means I am 90% there. Cancer is going away. It also means it is time to start thinking about SCT (Stem Cell Transplant)

I got a call from Dr. J’s office today to schedule the stem cell harvest. Before I get ahead of myself I need to speak with him. He is in Japan at a conference right now. Will we go into transplant right away? Will we harvest the cells and wait? Can I choose when I do the transplant? All questions I need answered.

My PET-CT scan of the bones is next week and my check up 4/15. That will determine the answer.

How do I FEEL about this? I FEEL great! The Cancer is going away. But with that comes the double edged sword. Although I am getting better – with the SCT looming – my journey is just beginning.

WONDERFUL NEWS! HAPPY TO KEEP FIGHTING! I will write more later this week but wanted to get the numbers out there for everyone to see. The funny thing is – I got emails last night from a bunch of different friends just “checking in” on me. It was almost as if the knew that something good had happened without me even saying it. We are all on the same wave length. We all fight together!


9 responses to “4/3 – Results Are In

  1. Amazing way to start your day and ours. So Happy for you. and your family!!!! Love Joni and Jeffrey

  2. Mazel Tov! Your numbers are great! Keep fighting! Sorry we missed you all this weekend. Arlene and Marty Lewis

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