4/2 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

All is quiet on the Cancer front for now. There isn’t much to update except my schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday I had blood drawn for the monthly myeloma markers. That is the measurement of the abnormal proteins that we watch so closely. Looking for big bucks and no whammies. I am hoping to see the results in a couple of days although Dr. J is in Japan at a conference right now so don’t know when those will be available.

On Tuesday 4/9 AM I have my second PET-CT scan of the bones. Hopefully this will confirm the reading of the MRI that the lesions are getting smaller or perhaps disappearing altogether.

Then – on 4/15 I have a check up with the doc. At that point we will determine the next step in the fight.

Until then – I keep fighting, keep working, keep being a husband and dad, keep being a coach and a friend. Until then – I WAIT – in a bit of uncertainty – but I WAIT nonetheless. I WAIT – but I WAIT with confidence that the numbers will prove I am getting better.

Yesterday was officially 4 months since my diagnosis. Nothing much has changed for me. Yes – my schedule now involves chemotherapy, doctor visits and needles but my life is still happening. I still work, play, laugh, love just as I did before. There are times when I am prone to lose it – lose control a bit – but I did that before Cancer too.

I am fortunate that this hasn’t interrupted daily living all that much. I read online the other day about the “final days” of Multiple Myeloma. Wait, what? FINAL DAYS? No one ever told me about that! I also have read countless articles, blog posts and journals about SURVIVAL. That is my M.O. – SURVIVAL. I don’t think about final days. I think about remission – about cure – about LIFE.

So I WAIT. I WAIT in anticipation of good news and good numbers.

I will keep you all up to date as we hear. #bradstrong

3 responses to “4/2 – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. Hang tough Brad, as my baseball coach told me, good things come to those who wait. You cant hit a curve ball unless you wait.
    Hope I get to see you Saturday.rich

  2. Brad, once again I am amazed at how beautifully you express your feelings. Waiting waiting always waiting… Kudos to your strength. It has got to soooo hard. But you are and WILL be a SURVIVOR. Your wonderful words about Grama Natalie and Granpa Ike touched my heart.as I am sure it did theirs, you are a great son. Hang in !!!!!! Jeffrey sends his love as well. Love Joni

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