3/30 – Florida

Sitting here on the porch watching the golfers go by at PGA and thinking about so many wonderful memories. How many times we have come here to visit Grandma Natalie and Grandpa Ike. I remember the very first visit – when Helene came down first and followed later in the week. I remember when she was first pregnant with Victor and we were greeted by blue and pink balloons when we got here. I remember sharing special moments here with my brother and Lauren, Drew and Reed. I remember cooking dinners for anniversaries. I remember celebrating birthdays. I remember Victor’s Air Jordan’s on the couch and I remember cousins coming over for golf and pizza.

I remember every restaurant. The favorites don’t leave the rotation.

MEMORIES. I mentioned in a post all the way back that I measure life in MILESTONES. Florida – Grandma and Grandpas house has been the scene of many milestones in our lives.

Of course – a HOLE IN ONE has NEVER been one of those MILESTONES (for any of us) – but plenty of opportunities for that to come and plenty of opportunities to create more MEMORIES in Florida in the future.

Thankful and fortunate to have family around. Thankful and fortunate to fight every day. It’s a great Florida day to fight cancer. #bradstrong

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