3/24 – Good Results

MRI results are in.  Got a call from Dr. J this morning.  No damage done to my back on the sneeze from a couple of weeks ago.  A slight compression fracture – to be expected given the weakness and softness of the bone.

More good news as the MRI showed bone lesions are getting smaller as well which means that the Myeloma is going away!  We will know more about this and the one tumor on my hip after this cycle is complete and I have a full PET CT scan the week of 4/8.  After that, it is another check up with Dr. J the week of 4/15 and then the decision on continued treatment and/or stem cell transplant.

Also in the good news department is that total protein in the urine was normal with no M Spike.  Myeloma blood markers will be taken either next week or the week after.

I am so thankful for these results.  As I mentioned time and again, I am not worried about surviving.  I know I will live a long time – BUT – when uncertainty strikes – a test with no results back, a slight uptick or downtick in ANY number – some degree of worry sets in.  I have also said time and again – CANCER IS A FORMIDABLE OPPONENT!  It fights back, it spreads, it attacks over and over again.  We must be vigilant in all areas of our fight – REST, DIET, WORKOUT, MEDICINE, STRESS REDUCTION.

All in all – a great day.  Helene, Victor and Ava left for Florida this morning to see Grandma Natalie and Grandpa Ike.  I will join them over the weekend.  I miss them so much when we are apart.  But for me – Sunday – my time to get some administrative work done, pay some bills, rest and relax so the week ahead is less stressful.  Sundays are precious.  Time is precious.  This is a lesson that Cancer taught me that I will never forget.

Doc says all is good.  We are very happy with the results.


4 responses to “3/24 – Good Results

  1. Great news!! So happy to hear that the MRI didn’t show any major damage! Enjoy your peaceful Sunday!! 🙂

  2. This is all great news Brad. I am also glad to see that you are maintaining such a good, strong positive attitude. That is 50% of the battle. You and I will be playing golf soon!

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