3/22 – To Transplant or Not To Transplant

Taken from my friend Matt –

To Transplant or Not To Transplant?

I have been thinking a great deal about the next step in my journey with cancer. Dr. J wants to start the stem cell harvest as I get closer to CR (complete remission)

I am hoping to avoid this. As I said before, I will do whatever he recommends but here are the arguments for and against. I have met people who have had no transplant and are 20+ years into this. I guess it depends on the individual and the intensity of the disease. Dr. J says I have a “bulky” presentation.

I am sitting here this morning having my morning coffee and thinking about this stuff. Why? I have a wife and two beautiful children upstairs sleeping. I should be thinking about them – not stem cells.

Off again to Mt. Sinai for round 2, cycle 4 of CRD. Looking forward to watching some NCAA hoops there and sharing some time with my brother. Looking forward to coming home tonight and doing the same with the wonderful people upstairs sleeping right now.

Hope to have some good numbers to report for everyone …. and I’m not talking about my brackets!
It’s a great day to fight “bulky” cancer …. AGAIN. #bradstrong

3 responses to “3/22 – To Transplant or Not To Transplant

  1. Hi Brad, I finished 8 months of CRD at the NIH and now am on maintenance. I was one of the original patients in the CRD trial for newly diagnosed. The other trial is the CRD trial in Michigan with Dr. Jakubowiak. The vast majority of us have not gone on to SCT but we have had our SC’s harvested. I just turned 51 and also have two kids. My doctor at the NIH, a world reknowned MM expert, is not a big fan of SCT’s and I guess is more in the Berenson school of thought. The CRD regime chopped my disease level down 99%. All my blood counts are normal, etc. How long will it last…..hopefully forever. Tough call for you. If you want to talk, email me…I’m in Jersey, too. Also, if you go to the Myeloma Beacon site, follow the opinion pieces of Kevin Jones. He just finished the Michigan CRD trial and wrote about it extensively. He opted against SCT.

  2. Brad – Starting my day with another one of your eloquent, thought provoking posts sets the day. You have been so forthcoming with us who are your supporters and followers. You share it all – your hopes, your fears, your thoughts – the mundane, the deep. It is a gift that is enormous that you’ve given us. I don’t post comments very often but you are in the forefront of our family’s thoughts and prayers. You are Bradstrong. Happy Friday. Hope you and your brother have a good day. Wendy Block

  3. it’s a tough decision. you know my story, my stem cells are frozen somewhere, but I hope to not use them. You’re doing awesome and you know what’s best.

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