3/22 – Survive and Advance

Helene, Victor and I watched SURVIVE AND ADVANCE the other night. It is the story of the NC State basketball team’s run through the NCAA Tournament and how they overcame all odds to pull off the greatest upset in college basketball history.

It’s also the story of loss. Both Lorenzo Charles and coach Jim Valvano are gone now. Taken way too soon. Lorenzo in a car accident. Coach V by cancer. We’ve all seen the speech – The ESPYs speech hundreds of times – but this time it’s PERSONAL. This time there is real MEANING. People ask how I can be so positive. How can I keep such a great attitude through this? Listen to the coach in this clip. He faced much longer odds than I did. The goal every day is to laugh, to cry and to think. The goal every day is to inspire yourself that you can do more – that you can have an IMPACT.

I remember exactly where I was when I watched that NC State game live back in 1983. I remember exactly where I was when I saw this speech for the first time ten years later. Now 20 years later still – I had know idea how much IMPACT this would have on me and how PERSONAL it’s would be.


If you haven’t had a chance – find out when ESPN is running SURVIVE AND ADVANCE again.

SURVIVE AND ADVANCE. That is what I do. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. #bradstrong

2 responses to “3/22 – Survive and Advance

  1. I can guarantee you…you ARE making an impact on so many people you touch in your life each and every day. Believe me–YOU ARE!! I truly believe that certain things in our lives –our struggles–our challenges–our failures–and of course our fight to survive either make us or break us. You…you are already a survivor in my eyes! You truly “get it”…life is a precious gift and everyone’s time here is limited. It’s how we choose to live it that matters. I know you live it to the fullest each and every day! We love u and we wear your BRADSTRONG bracelets proudly!! xoxox

  2. I just watched it and told my wife about it. It left me in tears and inspired me tremendously. Let’s be excited every day!!

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