3/15 – Groundhog Day

It’s off to Mt. Sinai again today to start my 4th cycle of CRD. The 5th cycle overall if you count the mini VCD cycle in December. These Fridays and Saturdays are beginning to repeat themselves. I am hoping that this will be the last cycle.

I remain, however, CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC, considering the back pain. It feels better. Not 100% better but better overall. I don’t know if that’s the Percaset or if it is going away. The MRI results will tell the story.

And AGAIN, as I have written on many pages before, there is the RUB. just when I am feeling really well Cancer strikes back. I knew the fight would be tough. I knew it couldn’t possibly be as easy as I have had it over the first three months. I know that it keeps coming back.

I don’t know what the back pain means. Does it mean I am getting worse? DON’T KNOW. Does it mean I fractured a bone when I sneezed this past week? DON’T KNOW. Is it something totally unrelated to the cancer? DON’T KNOW.

What I DO KNOW is this. My numbers have improved with each cycle. I feel – generally – very good. AND – I AM getting better. I don’t particularly care if cancer knows that or not. I AM GETTING BETTER.

So – it’s Groundhog Day AGAIN. I am off to Mount Sinai for treatment. The SILVER LINING in all of this is the chance to spend the time with my buds. Mike, Jon, Mavid – See you in a few. Bring a deck of cards and some chips.

#bradstrong – it’s a great day to kick some Cancer butt.

Oh – and for those following our 10U Boys Basketball progress. We avenged our two regular season losses in the playoffs including a win last night vs. Berkeley Heights – a team we hadn’t beaten in SIX tries over a two year period. We are in the FINALS in both leagues. What a group of boys!

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