3/5 – Cell Phone

My son Victor, 10 years old, has a cell phone. I don’t know why he has one but he got a great report card and that was the reward. Every time that bill comes I CRY. Why does a 10 year old need a cell phone? Why do I need this extra bill?

It seems all he does is text his friends, play games and post pictures on Instagram. Why am I paying this extra bill? It literally makes me want to CRY.

Yesterday I had my check up with Dr. J. I left the house before he woke up for school. He knew where I was. Yesterday at 3:05 – EXACTLY WHEN HE GOT OUT OF SCHOOL – my cell phone rang. I looked down at the caller ID and the call was from “VICTOR MOBILE.”

It was Victor. First thing he did when he got out of school was call me to see how my doctor’s appointment went. VERY FIRST THING. I broke down. I looked at Helene and cried. He gets it.

And now every time I pay that fucking cell phone bill I will CRY. Although I will CRY for a different reason entirely.

2 responses to “3/5 – Cell Phone

  1. It is amazing how life changes your perception of a situation. How special Victor is, although I am sure you already knew this. It certainly makes life worth living even more. You have a very special family. Love Joni Kuhn

  2. Brad,
    We are inspired and enriched as we read your posts. Sending our love to you and your beautiful family. Anita and Bob Goldberg

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