3/4 – Moving On … VGPR

I had my check up with Dr. J. today at Mt. Sinai.  Things are progressing well.  They are very pleased with the results.  Although the M Spike was unchanged the IGg count was lower and the Kappa/Lambda was lower.  These are the important things.  This is what they call VGPR or Very Good Partial Remission.

We discussed next steps.  I will have one more cycle of CRD beginning 3/15 for 28 days.  Fridays and Saturdays again.  After this cycle is finished I will have my second PET CT scan to look at the bones and then we will begin to harvest stem cells for the transplant.

I don’t know if we will do a transplant right away although he is leaning that way because of the “bulkiness” of the tumors in the bones.  “Bulky” isn’t a good word to describe cancer I don’t think but the fact is we knew my bones were a mess.  The fact that I am responding to the chemo so well gives me hope that the “bulkiness” is diminishing.

I am moving well.  Able to run, do the elliptical.  All of the things I was struggling with pre-Chemo are no longer a factor.  I can get in and out of the car.  I can put my pants on without holding on to the wall or dresser.  I can jump and run.  It doesn’t hurt when I sneeze anymore.  I feel great.  Natalie, the nurse practitioner, says that means the bones are regenerating.

I have mixed emotions right now.  I am thrilled that the blood work is normalizing and that the cancer is going away.  I am not so thrilled that my journey is still just beginning.  Stem cell transplant is tough.  I have been reading a lot about it and quite frankly was hoping to avoid it altogether.  Regardless, I will – as I have all along – do what my doctor says to do.

It is one more step in an incredibly long journey toward remission.  I am fortunate that everything has gone according to plan so far.  I am fortunate that I am able to work, to coach, to spend time with friends and family.  This could be a lot worse.  A LOT WORSE than it is.

So I am off to Orange County, California for a weeks worth of meetings tonight.  Keeping my head down.  Raising dough and fighting cancer.  Feeling great.  Feeling #bradstrong

5 responses to “3/4 – Moving On … VGPR

  1. Keep strong…keep that amazing positive attitude and outlook on life!! One day at a time…one hour at a time…one minute at a time!! xoxoxo

  2. sooooo glad to hear all the awesome news.. Keep strong, Bradstrong!!!! Hope the nice weather in California is good for you. Tracy and Craig xoxo

  3. Want to get rich? Figure out a way to can your positive attitude and sell it to other sick people – you’re incredible. Love, Aunt Roberta

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