3/2 – Exclamation Points

Cycle 4 ended today. I had the great fortune to spend the morning at treatment with my brother in law Robert. One of the nice outcomes of having these Friday/Saturday treatment times is that I have been able to spend time with so many people that I care about without distractions. A real SILVER LINING.

I did get a peek at my Myeloma markers today. Not official but …

M Spike held steady at .54. It actually ticked up .01. I am not too thrilled about this. The good news is that these readings only include 2 weeks of treatment. I am hoping that the next blood work, which will include this past week shows a little better.

Good news in the numbers are that my IGg number is down AGAIN to 760. Also the light chains or the Kappa/Lambda ratio is NORMAL for the first time.

All in all, a good if not great report. I was concerned with the M Spike not moving so I emailed Dr. J. His response was “The fact that IGg and light chain went down is more important! You are doing well!” EXCLAMATION POINTS his not mine. It’s got to be good if he writes EXCLAMATION POINTS, right? EXCLAMATION POINTS are good, right? Two EXCLAMATION POINTS!!

I am going in for a check up with Dr. J early Monday morning so I will have more to report then. I have no further treatments scheduled so we will see what the protocol will be going forward. Hopefully, we will have some more EXCLAMATION POINTS to report on from that.

Until then …. Cycle 4 over …. Drive home safely … BEEP! BEEP!

It’s a great day to fight cancer …AGAIN.

One response to “3/2 – Exclamation Points

  1. It was great to see you this morning-looking good!!
    Yes, exclamation points from a Dr. are a good thing. 🙂
    Enjoy some time off from treatment.

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