2/21 – Making a Comeback

I haven’t posted all week so I want to give a quick update for everyone.

First, spoke with Dr. J’s office yesterday. Confirmed the M-Spike in the blood test is down to .53. They termed that VGPR or Very Good Partial Remission! They are very pleased with how I am responding to treatments.

Also – and this is big – the M-Spike in the urine is ZERO. We measure M Spike through blood and urine. Last month my protein in the urine was 350.55. This month it was down to 57.5. Normal is 30-150. NORMAL!

I have been reading a lot about stem cell transplants (SCT) and how with the new chemotherapy it may not be necessary. Doctor said that is true but it is a decision that we will make when appropriate. The SCT is a very difficult procedure. I have always been of the mind to have it – especially since I am young and relatively healthy (except for cancer) – but now I am rethinking this as the evidence is beginning to point a different direction. I am sure my next bone scan will tell whether or not we should proceed with SCT. Dr. J has always talked about eventual SCT but hasn’t spoken about it recently so it leads me to believe that:

1. I am responding really well to chemo
2. It may not be the “normal” protocol anymore

WHO KNOWS? As I said earlier in this blog, I will be the best patient I can be. Dr. J will be the best doctor he can be. I will follow directions.

At the very least I confirmed that we will begin to harvest stem cells for a future transplant when appropriate. That way we will have options.

Second – I FEEL GREAT! Yesterday at Victor’s basketball practice I ran 3 on 2 drills with the boys. I don’t get up and down the court like I used to but I was able to run, pass and cut with the 10 year old kids. I remember back to Thanksgiving when we had a family football game and I couldn’t even run. Not only that, I couldn’t even reach up for a pass. I was in slow motion.

Some of the parents at his game on Sunday said I was jumping up and down on the sidelines. Cheering for baskets and getting on the referees. I didn’t even know I could jump! It must make Victor feel good to see me getting back to being myself again. I know how much it hurt him to watch me struggle on Thanksgiving. I will be back on the driveway kicking his ass at one on one again very soon. SKIING BY NEXT WINTER – as Dr. J said a few weeks ago.

BACK TO MOUNT SINAI TODAY. Cycle 4 continues – 2nd week. Here’s hoping the liver numbers are better this week and we have no surprises. STAY THE COURSE!

#bradstrong – It’s a great day to fight cancer….AGAIN!

4 responses to “2/21 – Making a Comeback

  1. I was 34 when diagnosed. It is amazing how your life can change with one phone call. I enjoy your articles. May God continue to give you good results! Blessing to you and your family!

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