2/16 – Moving the Chains!

Started cycle 4 yesterday and had the monthly Myeloma markers drawn from the blood:


IGg (that is the out of control protein in me) down to 843! (normal 700 -1600, down from 3324 on 11/26/12). IGa and IGm are now below normal ranges. That’s okay. Chemo is killing them too. The all important M Spike (the ratio between the three) has now reduced to .53. I WILL SAY THAT AGAIN. .53! On 11/26/12 that was 2.76. On 1/18/13 it was 1.02. On 2/15 it is down to .53.



Light chain proteins are lower as well. The KAPPA chain which was 475.96 on 11/26/12 (normal range 3.30 – 19.40) is now down to 14.60. NORMAL! LAMBDA chain 4.74 (below normal range but again it is fine) and Kappa/Lambda ratio is 3.08 (normal .26 – 1.65) was 76.64 11/26/12.


Protein in the urine measured 57.50 (normal 30-150) versus a 302.50 11/26. NORMAL!

BUT WAIT … Don’t spike the ball. Had a minor hiccup. As I said, one of the scariest things about this is EVERY time I go in to the doctor or for treatment SOMETHING – anything could change. Yesterday my liver blood tests were very elevated. Almost 3 times normal. This could be from a variety of things. Diet, infection, inflammation, medicines (and I take a lot of them) and how they work together, lab error or (not to be an alarmist) spreading of the cancer.

The spreading is the least likely because today the same tests were done and one measure was back in normal range and one was still high (about 2x normal.). If it were spreading the numbers likely would have continued upward. Nobody seems very concerned about this at Mt. Sinai today but yesterday there was some stress over there. We will just have to monitor. I am waiting to speak with Dr. J about this but I don’t feel cause for concern.

The reason I share this is … I promised an honest account of my journey. The good, the bad, the highs and lows. Cancer is a tough opponent. It will fight me tooth and nail all the way and just when I think it’s gone it will rear it’s ugly head. There is no straight line to remission but there is a finish line and I will find it!

SILVER LINING: Many for today. The Myeloma is going bye-bye. MSpike down, IGg normal, Kappa chain normal, U Protein normal. I FEEL GREAT ABOUT THAT!

This week I get back to a better diet. I had red meat twice last week and a few more french fries too. I also had a lot more sugar than I normally do. This week it’s back to SEAWEED, MANGOS and CHICKEN.

Finally, I want to thank my posse for the week. Friday crew – Bender, Mave O’Dara and Jeremy. And the Saturday crew Adam and my father in law Allan. Just can’t express how meaningful it is to walk into the treatment center with plenty who have your back.

WE ARE WINNING! #bradstrong

11 responses to “2/16 – Moving the Chains!

  1. Great news Brad. In addition to winning I am pretty sure you could pass the mcats and get into the medical school of your choice. Keep it up!

  2. Brad you are a hero & I’m excited for you and your family everytime you get to experience a win. Cancer sucks, but you are rising above it daily. You’re an inspiration to all!!!

  3. What great news!!!! I’m sending three cheers along with my admiration for your strength and attitude. Much love to you and Helene, Victor and Ava…….xxxx Cousin Ruth

  4. So happy to hear some of that WONDERFUL NEWS!! Continue to stay positive and strong!! You have the right attitude to kick this!! We Love you and we are always keeping u in our thoughts and prayers!! xoxoxo

  5. Great news, Brad, and so hopeful. We’re sending all our good thoughts and energy your way. Keep on keeping on! Love, Aunt Susan and Uncle Errol

  6. So HAPPY to hear the good report, Brad! We are 100% behind you way out here in Minnesota. Love you and thinking of you always, Lori Doug, Alec and Skittles

  7. Amazing news Brad! We are thinking about you all the time and are so happy to hear this great progress. We can’t wait for more positive news! Sending our love to you, Helene, Victor & Ava!

  8. Just found your blog (well from the facebook MM group). I am a caregiver for my husband – dx’d 12/2011 age 48 – never heard of MM before his diagnosis. He did 10 months of induction chemo (2 cycles of RVD then switched out the Rev for Cytoxan for 8 more cycles). At the time there was some belief that too much Rev might ruin the stem cells so that’s why they did the switch. He responded really well (just took forever) but he worked full-time throughout. He has IGG Kappa but also has 17p deletion so we decided to do SCT followed by more Velcade for a hopefully longer response time. He is day +19 after SCT and doing great. We love to hear about other (younger) patients that are winning against this cancer. Thanks for the blog and hope your treatment keeps going well.

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